3 Amazing Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know This Sustainable Source Could Bring You: Seaweed

Seaweed is a type of algae or plant that grows in the ocean.  Seaweed is a name for a variety of this type of plant life and can also be found in lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.  Most people know that seaweed is often used for food.  Most commonly known for its usage in Japanese cuisine.  Seaweed has more recently been recognized as a superfood for its abundance in vitamins and health benefits.  However, there are other benefits and uses for seaweed that you probably did not realize. Being a sustainable source, it is gaining popularity among environmental enthusiasts.


Lately, seaweed has become a very popular base for amazing fertilizers and soil conditioner.  This organic product has been shown to produce healthier crops with a higher yield rate.  This fertilizer has also been shown to increase soil health to ensure a better crop year after year.  Years of use and research have shown that seaweed fertilizers help to provide stronger roots of plants to help produce a more lush and beautiful growth of various types of ornamental plants, such as flowers.  This fertilizer has also been shown to help protect plants from hot, dry conditions.  Here you can find out more information about this amazing fertilizer.  

Although this product began originally for home garden use, it has been developed to provide the same great benefits for commercial farms.  Large farms are able to produce a higher yielding crop that can survive harsh growing seasons and even provides protection to the crops during droughts.  This allows farmers to maintain production to provide healthier, organic food options for families around the world.

Skin Care

Also, it is a great option for skin care.  Seaweed and seaweed extracts have been found to be an excellent choice for maintaining youthful skin and repairing damaged skin.  Seaweed contains natural humectants and vitamin E that aids in hydrating skin.  The amino acids in seaweed have been shown to help plump skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The natural minerals contained in this amazing plant can provide a barrier for skin to protect it from harsh weather and can promote healing of infections in the skin.  This can help heal acne and other skin issues.  The antioxidants also provide benefits for the skin by healing damage from the sun.  These natural products provide a skin care option free of harsh chemicals often found in beauty products. 

Salt Alternative

Salt is a wonderful resource that man has utilized to preserve food and add flavor to their meals.  Unfortunately, most people consume far too much salt.  This has led to health issues and risks due to high levels of sodium in their bodies.  However, it can be difficult for people to give up salt altogether.  For many foods, the flavor is hard to manage without the addition of salt.  In an effort to find a healthier alternative, scientist have been researching the use of seaweed as an alternative to table salt.  Seaweed from the ocean has a salty flavor that is more natural.  This is partially due to its potassium and magnesium content.  The goal is to find an alternative that can be utilized in industrial food production.  This can help provide a method for flavoring food without the adverse health issues normally associated with table salt.

It is amazing how many uses this simple ocean plant can provide the world.  From organic farming, skin care, and potential salt alternative, this under appreciated plant has proven to be very beneficial to the world in many facets.  As time goes on, we may find that seaweed has many more uses and benefits to help improve the world and provide healthier living.

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