Green Garden Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Lawn

landscaping ideas

Landscaping can be costly, but there are several ways to lessen the expenses if you exert a bit of extra effort. Worried about the cost? Then don’t worry, you will find plenty of cheap landscaping ideas for your backyard here. If you’re confused and not sure where to start, you can acquire services of professional landscape gardeners at Geelong who help their customers to design the garden according to their dreams. 

1.      Use of Mulch Alternatives

Mulching is money and time saver as it reduces the amount of water and weeding your garden needs, but mulch itself can be costly. You can use affordable mulch alternatives.

Low-Cost Mulch Alternatives

  • Leaves:  Shredded leaves would make an affordable alternative to mulch. Shredded leaves provide essential nutrients to your plants.
  • Pine Needles: This is a popular low-maintenance mulch alternative as it is easy to spread and lightweight
  • Stone: Not so popular as stone mulch is not suitable for all plants, but if used properly then it can be helpful.

2.      Use Old Tires

Being bulky, worthless and not much of a use, do you know that these old tires can be handy in the backyard?Why not put them to good use in our backyard?

Recycled tires are not costly and can be obtained quite easily. You can get them from any recycling plant and they usually cost as low as a few dollars. You can use these tires to decorate your backyard.

Landscaping with Recycled Tires

  • The space inside the tire is well-suited for planting heat-loving plants.
  • You can use tires to plant small flowers, or you can use a tractor tire to create a flower bed

3.      Use Ornaments

By using old ornaments, you can make your garden more attractive and beautiful. A wrought-iron gate can mark the entrance to the green world, a lantern hanging on tree can give a fairytale look, and a curved bench inspires your nap.

4.      Bloom Boxes

You can easily make bloom boxes out of old wood that you have already lying around your house. Even if you go out to purchase it wouldn’t be costly. Everyone can afford it easily.

5.      Modern Fencing

Modern fencing doesn’t cost too much, with little effort and creativity you can create a professional-level outdoor space.  You can simply use wood and stones to make a fence that can attract people.

6.      Fountains

Everyone has not a stream or pond in his property. But installing a water feature in the garden doesn’t take your too much money. You can use a water pipe with an iron teapot to make a gorgeous fountain in your garden.

7.      Make a Path

A garden path can issue an attractive invitation to lawn visitors, or provide a convenient route for plant maintenance.

Whatever its use, it enhances the functionality and livability of any home. Plus, if you get creative with how and where you build the paths, you can create boundaries for the most common backyard games to keep the kids from trampling your garden and favorite plants. 

8.      Choose Plant with Bright Colors for Flower Beds

Flowering plants with bright blooms help fill the space and draw the eye in. Also, choose colors that offset the shades of your home.

9.      Grow Purposeful Plants

You can save your grocery cost by growing vegetables in summers. There are numbers of herbs and vegetables that you can easily grow. It also enriches the beauty of the garden.

Herbs are some of easiest plants to grow. You can grow tomatoes, squash, green beans, cucumber, carrots, hot peppers, and blackberries.

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