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Best Compostable Dog Waste Bag for Eco-Friendly Pet Owners

Best Compostable Dog Waste Bag

Just like human beings, pets also need to be well taken care of. This also includes how you handle their waste. For most people, dogs would rather ease themselves at a certain point and the caretakers would use disposable bags to get rid of the waste. This is a continuous process which actually means that more disposable bags will be used and they will cause more pollution to the environment. There is an alternative to these waste bags because eco-friendly once and those that are easily compost at home are now available. As such, please just use the best compostable dog waste bag from now.

My Pick for Best Compostable Dog Waste Bag

Five of the best compostable dog waste bag include:

Pogi’s Poop Bags with Easy-Tie Handles

If you are looking for a waste bag that is super strong and one that does not wear and tear quickly, Pogi’s poop bags are the best for your dog poop and any other waste. These bags are easy to open so you will not consume much time while trying to ensure they are properly tied or fixed.

They are allergy free and unscented so the advantage of this is that there is no effect on the dog or on your skin. Once the dog has pooped in this bag, the fact that it is unscented means that you will not struggle with the bad smell of dog poop. The poop bag also comes with a dispenser. Once you are done collecting the dog poop, you can get rid of the same with ease.

You will not need to come into contact with this waste. All you will need to do is to clean the waste bag for the next occasion that you will be emptying it.

Okydoky  Dog Poop Bags

Getting biodegradable bags in the market today is difficult. However, there are people who prefer bags that come with a little aroma to ensure that they will in no way get to smell the dog poop. This works very conveniently and especially when you have to empty this bag from time to time.

The okydoky bags are made of material. This makes them last a long time without the need to replace them. Also, the tough material helps to keep everything intact. There are no leakages experienced. No one wants to walk around with a bag in hand that is full of poop.

The okydoky bag comes with plastic poop bag holder which can hold the poop until you find a garbage can where you can dispose of the waste.

My Alphapet Dog Poop Bags

These bags are made with constarch and other biodegradable material that makes them very friendly to the environment. An item that is made of strong material helps the same item longer than you had anticipated it to.

These waste bags are scent free. This means that they do not come with different aromas that may mix up with the poop exuding an even worse smell. If you have big dogs that produce a lot of poop, this is the ideal bag for you. They come with an extra layer which means that dog poop will not in any way leak or you will not have to deal with poop that is extremely messy or runny.

The only one disadvantage about these waste bags is that they are a bit costly. However, if you will need a poop bag that is completely compostable, you will need to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Flush Puppies’ Doodie Bags

Nothing beats a bag that is fully compostable that goes on ahead to have an ability of being flushed down the toilet after use. They are made in such a way that you will not worry about your toilet blocking after you have flashed the bag down your toilet.

If you need to train your dog on how to poop appropriately, these bags act as great training potties for your dog. This means that you will never have a moment to worry about messy houses. These waste bags are also pricier because they come with an advantage of you being able to flush the waste into the toilet once your dog is done peeing.

While you think about this and the fact that you may need to walk around with poop until you find a garbage bin, you could prefer to go that extra mile and pay the extra cost.

Dogbuddy Pooper Scooper

If you do not want to get into contact with dog poop even the slightest bit, these would be the bags to go for. The only thing you need to do once your dog is done peeing is to scoop the poop without necessarily getting into contact with it. The biggest advantage about these poop bags is that they have a silicone lid that helps to tightly fix it and eliminates any chances of you having to smell the dog poop.

The one disadvantage about this poop bag is that it is not biodegradable. What this means is that there is a little chance that it can be reused and this makes it expensive in that you will need to get another bag after use from time to time.

Consideration Before Purchase

It’s also important to consider that there is a difference between compostable and biodegradable bags and a reason why compostable ones tend to be on the expensive side. And that reason it is that they are fully plant-based, unlike oxo-biodegradable bags which often break down into microplastics.

According to the advantages and the disadvantages of the above mentioned effective poop bags for your dog, there are a few things that you may need to consider before purchase. First of all, ensure that you know the exact kind of bag you want. The specifications are different. Some bags are allergy free and scent free while other poop bags are scented. Scented bags even with the ability to diminish the poop smell may still come with other allergies so this needs to be highly considered.

Finally, work with your budget and eco-friendly lifestyle. Sometimes you may really want to go an extra mile to ensure that the bag you purchase is fully compostable. If you do not have the money you need to ensure that you access this bags, you can go for the cheaper ones as you plan to make an upgrade. Regardless of the price of the bags, the important thing is that there are no leaks or messes that are made after purchase.

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