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Best Eco-Friendly Lunch Box for The Budget Conscious

Best Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

There comes a time when you need to remember that your kids need to go to school and an eco-friendly lunch box or bag would be ideal. So many lunch boxes and bags are available in the market today. Even then, there are those who choose to use disposable lunch bags. Not only are they not friendly to the environment, disposable lunch bags will cost you more in the long run. Therefore, if you are living a sustainable, eco-friendly and budget friendly lifestyle, you should consider getting the best eco-friendly lunch box. There are many in the market now and most of them do not cost a bomb.

One example is our top recommended lunch box below.

Top Recommendation for Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Things to consider when choosing your lunch box

Lunch boxes might not be an important item in your daily life but you still need to put in some consideration when getting one. Especially if you are budget and environment conscious. Here are things that you need to consider:

  • Disposable vs Non-Disposable
  • Budget, Environment and Time
  • Materials Used

Disposable vs Non-Disposable Lunch Bags

Most boxes available today are manufactured in a way that you will need to dispose them off immediately after use. Most companies that manufacture these bags will want to make profit so they will want the consumers of their products to go and make the purchases from time to time. Moreover, they are hoping the convenience of using a disposable lunch box will sway you towards using one. However, I advised you to save yourself by getting the best eco-friendly lunch box instead.

Budget, Environment and Time Friendliness

Furthermore, it is more economical and hygienic to pack your food at home. It is also not very time consuming and this means that you will not need to fear on how much time you will need to get your food properly packed.

Materials used for your lunch box

An alternative to durable and reusable lunch boxes is using plastics. Most plastic cannot withstand heat that comes from storing hot food in them. They will exude harmful chemicals which are quickly passed on into the food. As a result, these chemicals become extremely harmful to the body. Plastics need to be disposed after use. They are not environment friendly so they will also be harmful to the ground causing pollution and effects that may be there for a very long time.

My Pick for the Best Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

In this article, I will be sharing my top pick for the best eco-friendly lunch box in the market that would not burn your pocket. The lunch boxes that I would be sharing are:

Dabbawalla Lunch Bag

In purchasing the Dabbawalla lunch bag, you save yourself the worry of having to destroy it if you washed it in a certain way. Purchasing a Dabbawalla lunch bag means that even if you wanted to wash it in a washing machine, there will not be any negative effects on the material used to create it.

There are certain bags that easily lose their colour or even have a few damages on the surface if washed in a certain way. The Dabbawalla lunch bag can be washed as many times as possible after use and you will still find them in good shape. Also, they come in different and bright colours. Your kids will certainly enjoy carrying their lunch in these amazing bags.

Milkdot Stoh Lunch Tote

The first advantage of this lunch box is that it comes with an ID tag. Being in a school environment exposes your kids to the disadvantage of losing their stuff, considering their large number. However, if you go for the Milkdot Stoh Lunch Box, you can have their name details inserted in the ID tag and this will help them easily identify their lunch boxes.

A mix up will certainly come up when most kids have similar bags and they may end up picking bags that are not their own. Food is able to stay fresh for up to 6 hours if an icepack is used. The food therefore has minimal chances of getting bad in case it stays too long before they consume it. A bag that can keep food in good condition means that it is a bag you can keep for a long period of time. It is also safe for the environment as you can reuse the lunch bags every day.

Bklyn Bento Lunch Box

First, the Bklyn Bento Box is a multipurpose container. You will realize that once purchased it comes with an inner pack that is stainless steel. What this means is that your food is not exposed to the risk of poisonous chemicals that may be harmful to you children’s bodies after eating their food. Your food is also quite secure in case of too much movement there is a soft cloth inside the bag that ensure any positioning of the food in your bag is not tampered with.

You also do not need to be worried about how to clean it because you can just clean it in a dishwasher. This means is that you can use this kind of lunch box for a long time without the need to dispose it. It is durable and well-built to ensure that you can use it for a long time.

Wildkin Lunch Bag

Other than the fact that Wildkin Lunch Bag is extremely budget friendly, it is a cute bag. Your kid can enjoy carrying a lunch box that is cute to school because the boxes are very bright and appealing to the eye. It is durable and that means that after use, it is reused rather than disposed.

BentGo Bento Box

These lunch boxes are non-toxic. They are made of wheat and whether or not the food put in them is hot, it will not leave a taste of plastic in your mouth. The boxes come with a silicone lid which helps to tightly fix the box so that no chemicals or contaminating substances come into the food and it also helps to keep the packed food together. The bento box is also easily cleaned using a dishwasher so it helps relieve the worry that cleaning it may make it easily disposable.

In conclusion

You ought to decide on the use of the best eco-friendly lunch box, whether they are lunch boxes for kids or for adults. They come in amazing colours and are very attractive to walk around with. The most important bit about switching from lunch boxes is that you will forget that you need to keep purchasing packaging boxes which means you save on cost.

Secondly, you reduce the chances of food contamination because lunch boxes are safer than plastics and the environment is well protected from the fact that there is a drop in plastic disposal that destroy and pollute the environment.

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