Green Living for Pregnant Women

To many, following a green lifestyle is already difficult as it is. If you’re pregnant and green, it takes on a whole different level.

It is known that living a green lifestyle benefits the earth in many ways, reducing one’s carbon footprint and generally reducing harm for the planet. But did you know that by caring for the environment, you are not only creating a healthy world but also ensuring the health of your baby?

If you are wondering how you can do the environment a favor throughout your pregnancy, here are some simple ways that you can try.

Reuse and Recycle—Better Yet, Go Zero Waste!

Instead of buying new things and adding to the waste you will soon dump on the planet, make use of what’s already available. For instance, being pregnant can make you thirsty all the time (especially during the second trimester), but ditch the urge to purchase bottled water when you’re out. Instead, bring a reusable bottle and fill it at home. Even the simple act of reusing and recycling what you already have can make a difference for the environment.

Go for All-Natural Products

It’s not only during pregnancy that you need to be careful of the products that you use, such as cosmetics, bath and body products, and home cleaners. These may contain certain chemicals that are both damaging to the ozone layer and toxic to the body and harmful to your baby.

These toxins may get into your bloodstream and pass right through the placenta, which delivers blood and nutrients to the developing fetus, causing permanent and irreversible health consequences. Once you know which chemicals to avoid during pregnancy, it will be easier to sidestep these products and choose organic ones instead.

Consume Fresh Food as Much as Possible

Harmful chemicals are found not just in cleaning products but also in the food that you eat every day. This puts expectant mothers at risk of passing harmful toxins to their baby. It’s easy to be unsure about how your food was prepared and where it came from, so the best way to counter this problem is to make your own fresh meals.

As much as possible, limit canned and packaged food. Going organic keeps your baby safe and supports the green movement.

Look for Eco-friendly Baby Gear

One thing that most soon-to-be moms are most excited about is shopping for the baby! But before you go on a spree, think twice about your purchases. To practice a green pregnancy, go for all-natural alternatives such as organic baby clothing, organic linens, or nontoxic silicone nipples.

If you are starting to build your nursery, make it as natural as possible by using no-VOC paint. Always find out what your baby’s gear, toys, and clothing are made of as these may contain chemicals that, upon checking with a fetal toco transducer, can cause distress to the baby.

Start Your Own Garden

Gardening is not only a foolproof way to give back to Mother Earth; it is also a fun and relaxing activity that pregnant women will love! Being pregnant can put you under a lot of stress, especially when you have to manage the symptoms all at once, which is why it is essential to have a hobby that will keep your senses calm and ease the tension. Just remember to use natural fertilizers and use pest control with the lowest environmental impact possible.

In an ideal world, everyone would be doing whatever it takes to follow an eco-friendly living. You may find it hard to religiously follow a zero-waste lifestyle during your pregnancy, but no one will judge you for not being pregnant and green if you run into some challenges. Your priority, as a pregnant woman, is your wants and needs, but of course, without compromising your baby’s health and safety.

Clay Miller
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