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Best low flow shower heads for your home

Best low flow shower heads

Water is a utility that is greatly consumed in our homes, and the amount we consume is affected by how much water we use and by how often we use it. The kind of shower heads we install in our bathrooms can either increase or decrease our water and electricity consumption, which also affects the amount on our bills. That is why you should consider installing the best low flow shower heads in the market.

Recommended Low Flow Shower Heads

Basically, a good low flow shower head is beneficial for a number of reasons. It helps you save on water, it lowers the electricity and the water bill, and it works the same as a standard shower head. In this article, I highlight the best low flow shower heads.

My pick for the best low flow shower heads

High Sierra Low Flow Shower Head

If you desire great savings in your annual water consumption, you will definitely need to consider the High Sierra High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head. The solid metal construction on this long-lasting shower head helps give it durability and power. Once you turn the water on, the splash guard helps to keep all of the water flowing directly at you.

There are some shower heads that exert too much pressure, and most of the water then goes to waste. With this shower head, you can save up to 1,700 gallons of water every single year.

High Sierra’s shower head is WaterSense certified, which means it has been tested and has been certified safe for use. There is also a 40% savings on water, so electricity consumption is reduced as well.

Delta Adjustable Water-Amplifying Shower Head

If you are looking for a quality low flow shower head that is easy to use, then the Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying Shower Head is one to watch. You do not need to exert too much pressure to ensure that you get a proper rinse after you have a shower, and this helps to reduce excessive water consumption and to reduce heat usage that would otherwise consume too much power.

When you are showering, the amount of water released by this low flow shower head feels like a massage on your body, yet this Delta shower head is versatile and durable and will be extremely kind to your water meter when it comes to the water bill. This shower head also comes with an extremely user-friendly manual, making the installation process painless.

American Standard FloWise Shower Head

This shower head allows the user to switch between 3 water-saving modes. This is made possible by the shower head’s unique turbine, which is exclusive to American Standard. Depending on which switch you use, you could realize huge water savings at the end of every year.

The design of this low flow shower head is impressive; you can choose whether you want a gentle spray or a wider spray while you take your shower. The shower head is also easy to clean and leaves an attractive sparkle.

So much value and resource conservation is accompanied with this shower head and its unique features.

Niagara N2515CH Shower Head

This Niagara shower head comes at an affordable price and features a conical spray pattern, which reduces the amount of water consumption but still allows for a thorough rinse after a great shower. The rubber spray nozzles on this shower are easy to clean, and customer reviews convey that this shower head is well-liked and put to great use.

This shower head is constructed using a strong solid brass that allows for it to have a long period of durability, and the brass also gives it an attractive appearance during and after purchase and installation.

This shower head is EPA WaterSense approved, which means that it is certified and can be used at any time by the consumer. If you are looking for an easy-to-install shower head model, this one would be the most appropriate.

Niagara N2915CH Shower Head

This is another very affordable Earth shower head by Niagara. The greatest advantage of this shower head is that it has a ten-year warranty, which means that if it gets destroyed at any point, you can have it replaced without having to make another purchase.

Save Water, Save the Environment

Apart from the different advantages mentioned about the various brands and models, you will notice a general theme across the board when it comes to low flow shower heads: Water conservation through this type of shower head also allows for a lot of energy conservation. This means that there is not only a smaller water bill but also a smaller electric bill.

With so many different models of low flow shower heads available, you can conserve water while still selecting the specific shower head that works best for you; and, you will be able to adjust how much water you will need to use while taking your shower.

In conclusion

Finally, you will find that most low flow shower heads are quite easy to install. This means that after purchasing your low flow shower head of choice, you will not necessarily need a technician to come and do the installation for you.

When deciding which low flow shower head to choose, consider the price range, the rate of water flow, the finish, and the level of durability. This will help you find the shower head that is right for you and your home.

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