5 Ways to Make Your Pool Environmentally Friendly

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With the global-warming problems at their peak, it is extremely important to apply as much of the upgrades to our existing infrastructure and to build a newer one with the environment’s best interest in our minds. That being said, even though it might be best to give up enjoyable and fun activities that are burdensome for the environment, we must at least make sure to make them as eco-friendly as possible.

Pools are one of such things. As such, each and every current or future pool owner should make sure to essentially own an eco-pool.

Why Are Pools Potentially Bad for The Environment?

Before going into ways to make your pool environmentally friendly, let’s take a look at the things that make a pool, if not equipped with the appropriate equipment, a rather bad thing for the environment. 

If you own a pool, you probably know what it takes to make it ready for swimming and to further maintain the appropriate conditions. First, of course, depending on the size of your pool, quite a lot of water is used to fill it up. In addition, the water must be constantly added to compensate for the constant evaporation. Later, a variety of chemicals must be added to the water to keep it clean and appropriate for human skin. Furthermore, pumps that make the water circulate via filters spend a lot of energy. Also, in case you are heating your pool, pool heaters spend a lot of energy as well.

You can see that there are quite many areas on which we must focus on to build or upgrade to an eco pool.

Ways to Make Your Pool Environmentally Friendly

Here in, you will find out more about five efficient ways towards owning a pool that will minimize its negative impact on the environment. Whether you are a pool owner, planning on becoming one, or you might be a pool constructor, you should definitely do your best to consider the following information.

Use Greener Cleaners

To use greener cleaners is probably the easiest thing you can do when it comes to making your pool eco-friendlier. You are already buying and using cleaners, so you might as well go with the greener ones.

The most standard practice is to use chlorine to keep the water clean. However, this chemical is considered a pesticide, which can also have a negative impact on one’s skin, hair, and eyes. Further, it can result in injury, illness, or even worse if not handled properly. In can as well be harmful for the plants and animals.

Luckily, there are chlorine alternatives that are much better for humans and the environment available on the market, such as polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) Ozonator system, bromine, and natural mineral sanitizers.

Pool Covers and Pool Enclosures

Another simple and very effective way towards an eco pool is the use of pool covers. By covering the surface of your pool, you will efficiently minimize the water evaporating and as such vastly reduce the amount of water that should be added to maintain the required level in the pool.

Furthermore, by using a pool cover you will basically eliminate all sorts of foreign materials and dirt from getting into the water. This will not only make your water cleaner, but it will also require lesser quantities of cleaners to be added and it will also keep your filters cleaner. As such, the water flow will be easily maintained by the pump and they will essentially spend less energy.

In addition, the use of a cover or enclosure will also help you maintain the pool’s temperature a lot easier and help you prolong the swimming season. Pool Enclosures might be a bit more expensive options, however, they can enable you to use your pool all year round.

Limit Pump Running Time

Adding a timer to your pump is another budget-friendly but at the same time a rather efficient way. There is no need for the pump to run non-stop. Instead of turning it on and off manually, you will just set the timer to do it for you.

Switch to a Solar Pool Heater

Depending on the climate, you might find it necessary to heat up your pool often. When this is the case, make sure to use solar pool heaters. They are the best environmentally and budget-friendly solution. In combination with a pool enclosure, you could be swimming all year long and of course, you won’t have to drain your pool and fill it up again, which will save a huge amount of water.

Install a Heat Pump

Compared to the above option, which is the best choice, when you need to heat up your pool constantly, installing a heat pump is what you should do, if you live in a warm climate and would like to heat up your pool just a little. Heat pumps spend very little energy to transfer the heat from the air to the water, which makes them the best choice for such cases.

We hope you will do your best to follow the above information that will help you become a proud owner of an eco-pool. As a bonus more or less all of them will also prolong your swimming time and help you save some money in the long run.

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