3 Eco-friendly Hotel Initiatives to Look Out for

Despite the uncertainty being created by Brexit, it’s fair that some markets in the UK are continuing to experience significant growth. Take the leisure sector, for example, which is now worth an estimated £117 billion in revenue and accounts for a whopping 7.4% of the UK’s GDP.

This sector has also grown at an impressive rate of 5% annually since 2010, and this trend shows no sign of abating any time soon. Whilst there are many factors behind this growth, one of the most striking is the growth of sustainability in the sector and the eco-friendly initiatives being rolled out by hotel brands.

We’ll explore some of these below, whilst asking how they’re impacting on the environment and the typical customer experience.

Bathroom Amenities

We’ll start with a seemingly small but impactful initiative, and one that has been rolled out without compromising on the experience of guests when they visit hotels.

For example, we all know that hotels like to make a statement by offering guests customised and formulated amenities in their rooms, but some are taking this idea further by providing organic and essential-oil based products that are 100% environmentally-friendly.

These products are also packaged in recyclable containers, making them completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

It’s fair to say that they also complement traditional hotel bathroom luxuries and amenities, including the type of robes and attire often found in the nations top hotels.

Energy Conservation

Next up is energy conservation, which is a key focus for both commercial and residential property owners in the UK. It’s particularly important for hotels, of course, which cater to large numbers of people and consume huge amounts of energy on a daily basis.

From heating and cooling systems to lighting and commercial kitchen equipment, hotels nationwide are looking to reduce energy consumption and minimise their carbon footprints without compromising on the user experience.

One example of this approach revolves around water conservation, with the installation of low-flow faucets and showerheads helping to reduce consumption automatically.

Most hotels also operate a linen and towel reuse program, which is incredibly effective and capable of making a small but incremental difference over time.

Recycling and Waste Management

Waste is also a huge environmental concern for large hotel chains, which is why owners have focused on implementing recycling programs and waste management initiatives across the board.

In recent times, guests have come to expect initiatives that look to recycle newspapers and beverage containers at the very least, whilst a number of forward-thinking hotel chains have also sought to minimise the use of paper and other disposable materials.

Hotels are also creating stringent food waste composting programs that prevent produce from being sent to landfill, with some of these initiatives resulting in a 50% increase in the amount of debris that’s recycled regularly.

With these initiatives, it is more than possible for us to easily find an eco-friendly hotel during our travels.

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