5 Ways To Make Your Catering Venture Go Green

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A catering business will always sustain due to the never-ending trend of celebrations. When organizing small parties, weddings, and community events, getting sustainable caterers has always been a bullet in the to-do list. Using green catering products will benefit both the supplier and customers.

Going green with your catering business will not alone benefit the environment; it’ll attract a lot of customers too. This shows your concern towards the environment that can make your venture quite popular because of this particular configuration. To make your business go green, here are some points you should have a close look at.

Food management

The crucial part of the catering business is food because this is what you are providing your customers with. So, selecting the right menu according to geography and season can help a lot. It will cut down the major fortune spent on importing food from far off place. You can come up with creative dishes using the seasonally available fruits and vegetables. Teaming up with local suppliers can ensure regular availability of resources.

When already served plates are provided, a lot of food gets wasted because everyone’s appetite is significantly different. Especially when mentioning children, sometimes all of the food in their plates gets wasted. So, instead of this, food counters or station can be set up so that people can take up whatever amount of food they want and only the dishes they wish to have. 

Usage of reusable and biodegradable cutlery

Putting up tableware that need not be thrown away after usage is one best way to save the environment from further degradation. Moreover, such usage also reduces the budget of the disposables that need to be brought. Picking up a classic design of cutlery will go a really long way. This enhances the overall arrangement of the environment and seems to be a conscious way to draw special attention towards it.

If the event is really large and not very ideal to use such cutlery due to availability, then biodegradable ones can be used. Or some part of biodegradable cutlery can be synchronized with the reusable ones to lessen the disposable material usage. Eco-friendly cutlery is also available in various designs.

Reduce waste

Taking proper notes of the instructions given by the customer can aid to reduce a lot of waste. This information includes the number of people that’ll be attending the event, along with the number of adults and children so that the amount of food and cutlery can be arranged accordingly. Moreover, analysis after completion of every project can provide you with useful stats.

Donating leftover food is a wonderful way that serves various purposes. Another way is separating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste into separate trash cans so that needful can be easily done later on. A little cooperation from the guest can support you in this segregation. If everything gets mixed, it becomes really unworkable to segregate them.

Employing better and safer cleaning

After the event is over, cleaning becomes the next tedious task. And in order to fasten up the process, people tend to use cleaning products that are very harsh and causes a lot of pollution. Such products contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous to human health. These might end up doing extensive cleaning but their regular usage can bring a lot of collateral damage.

Moreover, too much of water wastage comes along the way. Thus, it becomes pivotal to take special care for organizing outdoor events. This is because you would be providing your services to a scape larger than a house and probably serving a higher number of individuals. If you employ a safer and greener cleaning technique, you will surely stand out from your other competitors and expect a lot of customers.

Use energy efficient sources

Using machines and equipment that utilize less energy is a smart way to get more output and exert less pressure on the environment. Furthermore, saving on such expenditure does no harm to anyone. Use electricity driven cooking equipment instead of the primitive smoke producing ones. Getting your kitchen equipped with the latest refrigerator and other equipment will serve your energy saving intention.

However, ensure that the new equipment uses very low power and is able to work effectively. Imply all the small tricks of cooking you can, to save energy. Not merely the kitchen equipment but the vehicles you use to deliver the food should also comply by.

There you have it. It is not that difficult to take the first step to green catering.

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