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Essential Guide to the Big Six Business Energy Suppliers In the UK (2019)

Business energy prices have long been a bit of a hot topic, but recently, the media has focused their attention on the big six UK energy suppliers and their role in the UK energy market.

Which companies make up the big six and which is the right electricity supplier for your business? Find the answers to these questions and plenty more in our essential Guide to the big six:

Who are the UK’s ‘Big Six’ Energy Companies?

The Big Six is the collective name of the UK’s six biggest energy suppliers. All of these companies supply gas and electricity to many homes all over the UK, carving up almost all of the energy market between them.

1.      British Gas

British Gas is among the oldest UK energy suppliers, having been established for over two centuries. During this time, they have managed to accumulate almost a million business energy clients.

British Gas also supplies their business clients with additional services. For instance, account management and online meter submissions.

2.      EDF Energy

EDF Energy largely supplies energy to the South of England and London, serving about a quarter of the population. EDF aims to educate children about climate change and implementing advanced technology to drive sustainable energy sources.

3.      E.ON

E.ON are a huge utility provider, operating in more than thirty countries and with approximately thirty million clients globally. Over the last decade, they have invested more than £7 million in renewable energy, and now generate 37.2 percent of their energy through renewable methods.

4.      Npower

Npower is among Britain’s largest energy providers, with more than 5.1 million clients. This is ideal for you if you prefer fixed rates and a tariff that provides added benefits to the environment. Npower is quickly becoming one of UK’s most recognized energy brands following several high-profile advertising campaigns.

5.      Scottish Power

Scottish Power, owned by Spanish company Iberdrola, is one of the most established members of the Big 6. They’ve joined forces with Cancer Research UK since 2012, and during this time have raised a highly commendable £15 million.

6.      SSE

SSE or Scottish and Southern Energy is made up of three smaller companies; Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric, and Swalec. They’re the second largest electricity providers, behind British Gas. They’ve been at forefront of renewable energy technology for a while now. They specialize in harnessing the weather conditions in Scotland and Wales and their excellent customer satisfaction records.

Which is The Right Energy Provider for Your Business?

Having so many provider choices is good news for business energy clients. The market is very competitive, and regardless of the rising utility costs, there’re great deals to be found because of this.

Choosing the right business energy provider will boil down to personal requirements like location, payment preferences, operational hours, usage, size of premises. Start searching and comparing business energy prices now to find the best deal and the best energy company.

What to Look For in a Business Energy Supplier

1.      Account Management Service

Is there somebody available who is dedicated to understanding your businesses, can handle all your inquiries both efficiently and quickly, and who will put your needs first?

2.      Fixed Price, Fixed Term Contracts

Does the business energy provider in question offer price stability for the whole length of the contract? This is important as it’ll give you the peace of mind that will help you to focus on growing your business.

3.      Payment Options

Can you pay by Direct Debit? This is useful as it’s one of the most reliable, convenient, and fastest ways to pay your bills.

4.      Efficiency Advice

Businesses in the UK have legal obligations around carbon reduction and energy performance. Due to this, many business gas and electricity providers provide expert advice on how you could save money by using your energy more efficiently.

5.      Environmental Outlook

Is the energy provider in question investing resources, time, and money into caring for the environment? Over the next few years, renewable energy will see increased investment, which is hoped to provide sustainable energy at a more affordable cost. It is therefore important to choose a supplier that is looking into ways in which to protect our planet from the growing concerns of climate change.


An alarming number of business owners repeatedly make the mistake of not shopping around for the best business energy prices. Interesting enough, it takes less than sixty seconds to get a competitive quote from a business electricity supplier, so there should be no excuse in getting the best deal for your business.

Additional Resources

UK business energy is a premier provider that offers you an unbiased view of what business energy deals are out there. So, if you want your next business venture to be as low-energy as possible, UK business Energy has some fantastic guides you can read here.

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