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Take a Deep Breath + 10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally

It’s cliché, but stress and anxiety are included in the package called daily life. They are inevitable and brought on by many factors: work, school, or even social media. Nonetheless, stress can affect how you function, causing you to feel tired, unfulfilled, or anxious about the future.

You can thus find comfort in natural remedies that can ease your mind off worries and fears. Taking a deep breath in between tasks is one way to deal with the blues, plus these equally helpful coping strategies.

Feeling Stressed and Anxious

There are different kinds of stress, and anxiety is one reaction to stressors. As the National Institute of Mental Health notes, stress is not bad per se as it can motivate you or arouse you to act in response to a situation. It becomes a problem if it builds up over time and turns into a chronic condition that affects your physical and mental well-being.  

You can manage stress in a natural way.


Move. When you run, jog, bike, or go to the gym regularly, you release endorphins, which are the body’s stress busters. The result is a natural high, euphoria, or a rush of positive feeling. Endorphins are as natural as they can get, so you can cross out side effects and addiction. 


Give in to sleep to heal your mind and body. The seven-to eight-hour-of-sleep rule remains even if it’s difficult to tear yourself away from whatever you are doing. When you are well-rested, your brain can function better, making you less prone to agitation and frustration.

It happens that you are too stressed to sleep, tossing and turning in bed. Against this backdrop, try exercising or allotting at least two hours to wrap things up before you hit the sack. 


Won’t reading do the opposite of stimulating your brain and thus make you more anxious? This study says otherwise and notes that the activity reduces stress by as much as 68 percent. While it’s true that reading stimulates your mind, it does so by transporting you to another world where worries are light-years away.

Talk with Friends

You feel relieved when you meet your friends and have conversations about anything. Laughing is a natural antidote to stress, and good cheer is best when shared with good company. Although you text or chat often, take time off to hang out with your friends.

Watch a Movie or TV Show

Like books, movies take you to an alternate universe that is far from the troubles of the world. You can keep a detached stance and still get engrossed in the larger-than-life scenes. Stream a movie, or catch up on the episodes of a series. Popcorn, please.   

Listen to Music

A long commute is less stressful when you have your playlist blasting on your car stereo or headphones. Music loosens up the tense muscles as you break into a smile and sing along to your favorite song. Classical, rap, grunge, pop, house—pick your jam, and soak in feel-good vibes and memories.

Play with Your Pets

Cats usually have little to no attention span, but their indifference tugs at your heart. Dogs, on the other hand, are outwardly affectionate. You leave your worries behind when they jump and are about to greet you. Kisses, belly rubs, and hugs are all that matter. Ferrets, birds, rabbits, pigs, and a whole zoo of friendly animals included.

Take a Stroll

Walking can easily qualify as an exercise if you put in more intensity. But there’s no harm in taking it slow as you stroll and clear your mind if it’s overflowing of thoughts that only add to your restlessness. If you have been cooped up in the office, your eyes can use a change of scenery. 

Eat Healthily

This tidbit is not easy to digest, but you won’t feel comforted when you snack on sugar and fatty food every time you feel stressed. These food items can cause obesity and make you more susceptible to chronic diseases.

Go for nutrient-rich dishes that will nourish your body and uplift your mood (e.g., fish with its omega-3). It also helps to cook your meals so you can proactively plan your diet and lessen the skipped-lunch incidents.

Drink Tea

Nothing like tea for a troubled mind as an article on The Telegraph states. A regular cup has its benefits, including normalizing the stress hormone levels in the body. Matcha made from young green tea leaves offers a rich taste that excites the palate and provides the body with nutrients and antioxidants.

The best way to take in matcha’s flavors and enjoy its health benefits is to prepare the tea powder with a whisk. As far as caffeine is concerned, a cup of matcha gives you energy in a soothing way without the anxiety and nervousness associated with drinking coffee or too much of it.

Do you feel better already?

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