5 Popular Travel Destinations for Bikers

travel destinations for bikers

There’s just something special about bike rides. Unlike being cramped inside a four-wheeled vehicle, riding a bike exudes a kind of freedom, expanding your horizons and letting you better appreciate the picturesque beauty of the outdoors. Plus it helps reduce carbon footprint which helps the world become a cleaner place to live.

Whether you’re biking on hilltops or on cool urban streets, riding the bike will often take you to unexpected places—some of them you never thought you’ll love!

If you have developed an unlikely friendship with your bike, here are some of the most beautiful cycling destinations around the world that will surely blow your mind.


Bikers will find a scenery made of dreams in Turkey. Aside from the fact that the climate is perfect for biking, Turkish people never fail to offer kindness and hospitality to bike travelers. You may even find yourself getting invited over for tea. Turkey’s rich culture, history, and food are just the icing on top. What’s even more mind-blowing are its diverse landscapes. If you find yourself in this fascinating country, get your two wheels moving to Istanbul, Anatolia, Cappadocia, or Izmir, where you’ll find some amazing discoveries.


There’s more to discover in France’s cycling culture. This historic country is not only home to the grandest museums and infrastructures; it is also a stunning haven to fantastic mountain roads, lush landscapes, and humble villages. All these jam-packed into one nation makes France truly a delight to travel for cyclists training to increase their cycling power for the annual Tour de France. Places like the Alps, Lyon, Cannes, and Luberon Valley are a visual treat that should keep cycling enthusiasts coming back for more.


If you’re all about finding yourself, Australia could be the next travel destination for you. The land down under is filled with dirt tracks and open horizons that could go on and on—a perfect place to get peace and solitude. Biking along the coastal areas, you will discover diverse landscapes you never thought you would find in one country, from snow-covered alpine regions to breathtaking beaches to lush rainforests. You may even wind up in little historic towns and meet the most interesting locals!

For the perfect northern winter ride, drop by the Great Ocean Road that covers Melbourne to Peterborough. The scenic surfing beaches and shoreline rainforests will leave your heart skipping a beat—in a good way, of course.


The United States of America offers a vast array of stunning landscapes as well. The environment will greet you with elegant rock formations, amazing redwood forests, and vast desert expanses—there’s always one for one’s specific taste. Choose from low-traffic roads, which are a delight to solo travelers, or popular bike routes like the Pacific Coast, where you can find avid bikers like yourself as well. With its mild climate and a considerable offering of campsites and food stores, the USA is a travel-biking destination you shouldn’t miss.

Witness the West’s iconic national parks on your two wheels. From Los Angeles, take Route 66 to Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, and to the magnificent grandeur of the Monument Valley formations. On to the north is the Natural Bridges National Park. You can also go the extra mile into Death Valley to skirt the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite National Park and witness their snow-capped allure.


The nature in Chile is indeed one of a kind. While the weather could be wild for beginners, it would not matter when you’re skirting past a variety of eye-pleasing scenery—gravel roads, mountain passes, enormous lakes, vast deserts, and snowy mountain ranges. You name it; Chile has it. The country is a camping paradise that offers sheer isolation yet an incredible connection with nature. Some of the best places to ride on are Lake District, Puna de Atacama, Patagonia, and Carretera Austral.

Nothing is ever more fulfilling than ticking places off your travel destination bucket list. Pick up those wheels and start finding out where it will take you next!

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