5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Tricks For Your Special Wedding!

eco-friendly wedding

The wedding season is in the corner and you are planning your wedding. All the quirky décor ideas and the lip-smacking menus are leaving you baffled. Moreover, the endless bills are scaring you to the bones!

But is all the pomp and show really worth it? Think it through. There are clearly a lot of things that are more urgent and important than your wedding. Like the whales going extent, the iceberg melting, the sudden heat wave. And the most important of all the factors above is global warming. Every effort you put to improve the condition of nature is a big combination. So, one has to put all the efforts and turn their lifestyle eco-friendly. But don’t worry; you can start with some easy steps. You can have an eco-friendly wedding to send the message to hundreds!

We had a talk with wedding caterers in Delhi and discussed the various eco-friendly ways of planning and organizing a wedding. This is a major thing to deal with and should be kept in mind no matter what. So, to make the search easier we made a list of eco-friendly things you can do at your wedding!

Reusable plates

It looks like a small step but it can make a big difference. Keeping reusable cutlery at your wedding can help you avoid the excess wastage at the wedding. As the name, the cutlery can be simply washed and reused again but having paper or plastic cutlery is not a good choice if you want to organize an eco-friendly wedding.

There is another alternative to this, you can have edible cutlery at your wedding. Edible cutlery can be used to serve snacks or desserts. 

Leftover food for an NGO

A lot of times we observe people wasting food at the weddings. At that time it comes to our mind that it could have been a better option if this food was served to people who don’t get to eat such food. But this can actually be done so don’t limit this thought just to your mind.

A lot of NGOs accept the leftover food and feed it to the poor people, orphans or to the people who can’t afford two meals a day. This is a big step because we know that the food can’t be reduced, recycled or reused. So, it is better to donate the surplus food remaining after the wedding.

Fruit Serving

You should keep at your wedding. The best way to do this is by serving in season fruits and exotic fruits. This can be the best way to promote organic food and avoid excess wastage.

The best thing would be if the fruits are locally sourced from a local vendor. You can serve it with cream and beverages to lighten the mood!

Avoiding packaged food

You should not buy prepackaged food and ingredients at your wedding. All the individually packaged food and ingredients create a lot of waste without even realizing the fact.

This step can bring a big change because the packaged food is one of the least eco-friendly things out there. This can be avoided if you buy all your food ingredients from the local vendors.

Plant Giveaway

This is one of the most significant and impactful things you can do to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

You should make people aware of the urgency of this lifestyle by giving small saplings, seeds or plants to all the guests as a return gift at your wedding. This will motivate people to do the same thing at their wedding and promote this cause.

We hope you can bring the change and inspire a lot of people to opt an eco-friendly lifestyle!

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