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Essential things to do over the Summer in Ireland

Ireland is among the most exciting destinations you can visit in Europe. This one -of-a-kind country is packed with majestic history, natural beauty and, of course, a rich culture.  If there is a time you need to visit Ireland, it should be during summer. The country comes to life with extraordinary activities such as camping trips and fantastic festivals from the locals. Below are 6 top things you can do in Ireland during the summer and never regret.

  1. Camping

The first one on this list is camping. Camping is one activity that is most convenient during summer. There are some famous islands like caravan parks where you can enjoy spending the night on the mountainside. 

Can you imagine a quiet night with nature? The silence, fresh air, and a cool breeze? If you do not want to miss such experiences, you can get in touch with the Dublin Tour Company and they will be glad to plan your next visit to Ireland. 

2. Horse racing on the beach

It is evident that Ireland is blessed with many beautiful beaches. The best time to take full advantage of them is during summer when the sun is shining in the sky. 

Therefore, make sure you create time to enjoy racing on the flat, golden strands on the coast. The experience you will get can best be described as extraordinary.

3. A road trip

How about you take a road trip and enjoy seeing the beauty of this country at your own pace? A road trip to Ireland cannot be compared with any other. 

Furthermore, it also allows you to see as much as you can and meet with the welcoming locals. You can just rent a car and go your way without worrying about anything in the world. When you do this, do not forget to explore the 2, 500km coastal route – the world’s longest defined coastal touring route. 

4. Festivals

The beauty of visiting Ireland during summer is the ample time you have to go to festivals. It is at festivals where you will get to experience good music, food, and culture. The people here love to celebrate about almost everything. Ideally, Ireland is a vibrant country with all year round festivals livening the streets, but during summer you can take maximum advantage.

5. Island sceneries 

Ireland has some of the best islands in the world. They are like heaven on earth. Summer times create the best condition to visit these fantastic sceneries. You will just need to hop in a boat and bobble across the waves to land in one of these paradises.

6. A visit to Clara Bog Reserve

This is for nature lovers. If there is a time, you can enjoy nature at Clara Bog Nature Reserve, Offaly, that would be during summer when the sun is smiling in the sky. Plus, you will not be charged anything to visit, and there are many free events for kids. Thus, it is also ideal for family outings.

The bottom line

A visit to Ireland during summer is worth your time and investment. It enables you to see the beauty of the country and their culture without any hindrances.   More so, it also provides the best condition to visit with the whole family. 

If you are ready to explore this magnificent island, rest assured Dublin Tour Company has got you covered. We will plan your Ireland summer trip from start to finish, ensuring you enjoy everything this nation has to offer. Please give us a call whenever you are ready. 

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