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5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly at the Beach

eco-friendly at the beach

With summer in full swing, you are probably spending your long summer weekends at the beach with the sun beating down on you and water lapping at your feet. Besides focusing on tanning and chilling there, you may want to thank Mother Nature who created such a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

One thing to keep in mind is that no one enjoys riding the waves and suddenly having a wrapper or plastic bag stuck between their toes. So, let us conserve the beauty of the sand and water so that many more people and generations can enjoy themselves at the beach.

Here are some easy ways that you can help preserve the natural beauty of the beach and not damage its beauty.


Many people remember to be eco-friendly when finding day to day clothing, whether it is men’s scrubs, formal suits, or casual tanks. Choosing the right beach dresses, bathing suits and cover ups are just as important for the environment. Be sure to wear clothing that are comprised of eco-friendly recycled fabrics. When buying sunglasses are made from recycled plastic or metals.

Food and Drink

How many things do you eat or drink daily that creates a whole lot of waste? Think snack bags, pre-packaged food, plastic water bottles, soda cans, etc. Help avoid all this waste by putting your food in reusable containers or bringing fruits and vegetable that come with no packaging. Put water in a canteen or any other bottle holder that is reusable. In addition to saving the environment from all the waste and chemicals produced to create these plastic products, this will prevent garbage from piling up and help keep the beach nice and clean. Bring cutlery that can be washed and reused as well, instead of disposable ones.


You probably did not think of this one, but be sure to stay far away from sunscreen that contains chemicals or additives. They are not only harmful for the environment, but for you as well. When you swim in the water, the chemicals go into the water and can cause much harm to the living creatures in the sea. Check with EWG’s scores for different suntan lotion products. Products with the score of 0-2 are low hazard. Be sure not to use any products with a high hazard/ score 7-10.


Pack all your beach essentials and gear in a tote bag, messenger bag, beach bag, cloth bag, or backpack. Do not use plastic shopping bags since most of the time, the bags do not end up in the garbage, but rather blow with the wind like a bird flying high.

Recycle at the end of the day

If any of your swimming gear tears, or if your glasses crack, be sure to dispose of them properly! Throw out all cans, bottles, wrappers, and paper in their proper garbage cans. Imagine the poor tiny fish who gets stuck in the freezing cold soda bottle you enjoyed. Be considerate and pick up any garbage you see on the sand, even if it’s not necessarily from you.

So, at the end of a long, fun filled day that you had the beach, remember to be considerate to the environment and to other people who would like to enjoy the beach’s beauty. Educate others who may not realize the importance of being eco-friendly. Although going green at the beach may not be the most practical and easy way of doing things, remember that the waters and sand can only keep being so beautiful and safe with your effort and hard work.

Bonus Tip

Some beach trips are more elaborate than others. Whether it’s a week-long getaway with friends or a month-long getaway trip with loved ones you need to be prepared. Apart from the essentials, change of clothes, and food and drinks, it’s essential to bring items that make the trip more comfortable but not harmful to the environment. Ethically-sourced beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, and other items help keep you protected and give you the peace of mind you need knowing you are letting the surroundings breathe.

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