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5 Plumbing Tips to Save on Your Water Bill

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Do you know how much water your family uses every month? Take a second to look at your water bill. How many centum cubic feet (CCF) or gallons do you typically use ― one CCF is 748 gallons? Do you think you’re using too much? The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates a person uses between 80 and 100 gallons a day, mostly by flushing the toilet. So, here are five tips from the experts at Colepepper on how you can save on your water bill and help the planet too.

Water Usage in a Typical Home

After finding out how much you use each month, you need to learn where in your home you are using the most. It is not that difficult a task as families leave footprints that are easy to track.

Personal Use

  • A bath uses 36 gallons of water
  • A shower uses about five gallons every minute
  • Brushing your teeth uses about one gallon a minute
  • Shaving your legs or face uses about one gallon of water
  • Washing your face or hands uses about a gallon of water
  • Flushing a toilet uses up to three gallons, depending on efficiency
  • A person drinks about eight ounces of water, eight times per day

Household Chores

  • Washing dishes by hand uses between six and 27 gallons
  • Watering your lawn uses about two gallons each minute of use
  • A washing machine uses up to 25 to 40 gallons of water per load
  • A dishwasher uses between six and 16 gallons, depending on efficiency

1. Get a Plumbing Maintenance Check

Your home is continuously aging and so, too, is your plumbing system. You need to hire a plumber yearly for plumbing maintenance to ensure you don’t have rusty pipes or leaks. While a homeowner might not recognize the signs, a plumbing professional will have the right training and tools to know what actions to take to ensure you don’t incur costly repairs in the future. 

2. Add Eco-friendly Faucet Aerators

Efficiency is essential, so add eco-friendly faucet aerators to all fixtures. You will reduce your water usage by 1.5 gallons per minute. It’s a sure way to conserve water and save you money.

3. Reduce Tap Usage

You need to stop using tap water when it is not necessary. When washing dishes, run a sink full of water instead of doing them under the water flow. When showering, brushing teeth or shaving, don’t turn on the faucet until necessary. Lastly, adjust the toilet water tank level to reduce flush force.

4. Replace Old Appliances

The age of your household appliances will affect how much water they consume significantly. As your household appliances age out, invest in energy-efficient models that use much less water.

5. Use Smart Plumbing Products

Smart plumbing products can save as much as 70 percent of your water usage, which means big savings on your monthly bill. These can also help you do your part to be environmentally friendly. You also have the power to control them when away from home.

Are you ready to implement any of these plumbing tips in your home? Even conserving your tap usage will greatly affect your water bills, so call a plumber to learn more about conservation tips.

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