Understanding The World Of Renewable Energy

renewable energy

The way we use energy is changing across the country. Many companies are switching to renewable sources of energy because they are more sustainable. Also, these energy sources are better for the environment. If we plan to leave the planet better for our children, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with renewable energy terminology. The kind of energy we use today, such as natural gas, does meet our present needs, but we could eventually run out. Here are concepts we need to recognize to understand how we will generate energy for the future.

Geothermal Energy

Deriving from Greek terminology, “geo” means Earth. Energy comes from deep down inside the Earth’s core. This kind of energy can be used to produce electricity and heat buildings and homes. When small pieces of rocks and molecules break down, it provides energy. It will become increasingly popular because it produces no harmful effects such as emitting dangerous greenhouse gas into the environment. This kind of power can also be found in cold areas since it is far below the ground.


Also referred to as hydro energy, this is produced with the aid of moving water like rivers and dams. With the help of turbines and generators, this renewable energy source accounts for a significant amount of electricity production. Although it is costly to build a hydro plant facility, the operating expenses are minimal. In areas with more rainfall, the ability to produce more energy can be increased.


This kind of energy is produced using organic materials. Some items used for biomass energy:

  • Manure
  • Scrap pieces of wood

With a constant supply of these items, biomass becomes a renewable energy source. Heat is produced when these products burn, and they can be used to generate electricity in a plant.

Solar Energy

As the most plentiful energy source on the planet, solar power will become a pioneer in the renewable resource world. Solar panels are used to convert energy from the sun into electricity. Solar roofs are becoming more commonplace because they provide a clean energy source that also cuts back on utility expenses. Over a few decades, solar energy can save a homeowner thousands of dollars.

Tidal and Wave Power

This kind of energy production has been used for hundreds of years that use rising and falling waves. One of the reasons this type of energy is efficient is because the patterns of the ocean are relatively easy to predict. However, this kind of energy can only be used along the coasts.

Wind Energy

Wind power is another form of energy that is produced when moving wind turns blades of wind turbines and converts it into an electrical source. Unlike tidal power, this energy source could be used virtually anywhere in the world. It doesn’t produce any harmful gases or toxins into the environment. 

Wrapping It Up: What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is the energy that we use that will never run out. Although the benefits of renewable energy are abundant, the amount that we would need to be produced for large populations can be challenging. Traditional power sources will still be used. However, as our nonrenewable energy sources deplete, this kind of energy is here to stay. 

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