Try Using Clearabee to Upcycle Your Rubbish Removal


Upcycling is quite simply using broken or out of fashion items, repurposing or breathing new life into them by turning them into something that is useful again. It is absurd that many households throw away many items simply because they have bought a replacement.

We all like to have a nice beautifully decorated home that is within current fashion trends. It is so easy to call a skip hire company and fill it with your unwanted items and off it goes to the landfill. That is providing you use a reputable company otherwise it might end up on the side of the road a short distance away.

There are reputable companies such as Clearbee who can deal with your rubbish removal in an ethical and correct manner.

Upcycling furniture

 Furniture is an ideal item to upcycle especially if it is old and well-made. It might be something as simple as changing a coffee table by painting it or creating tiles for a new top. How about that old wooden bed, large clunky and a mahogany varnish? It is simple to cut a few pieces off, add some texture with some material and paint the frame with chalk paint.

Upcycling items for the garden

 The garden is a wonderful place to use upcycled articles. I have seen everything from the inside of washing machines to old car wheels painted and used as plant containers or pond features.

Upcycling clothes

 So many people just throw away clothes because they no longer wear them anymore. That old topic of fashion again. I cannot recall how many times flared trousers have come into and gone out of fashion again. A little dye, a bow or some different coloured material and it is a different item of clothing and its back in fashion. There are enormous quantities of clothes that do not need anything altered at all. Try this yourself so there is no need for rubbish removal.

Upcycling toys

 Children love to have new toys and very quickly look for something new and discard the old. Some toys just need a superficial clean, and they are ready to go to a new home where a child will enjoy playing with their new toy.

Upcycling building scraps

 We have all completed that DIY job at home to find we have several lengths of wood and a box of tiles that is surplus to requirements. Should we put that aside for rubbish removal? If it is still fit for purpose, then a new purpose will soon be found.

Who Upcycles?

 I am of an age when upcycling is nothing new, I have always stored any items of furniture or building materials and have mostly found new purposes for them, anything to avoid rubbish removal. Sometimes it is only a simple alteration and at once I have an up to fashion item. I must admit that I always search through skips to find discarded items that I think might be useful. In the past, I used to frequent council refuse sites to find items and have always been horrified at all these items that are going to landfill.

What if you do not want to upcycle?

 I understand that with a busy life not everyone wants to upcycle, but there is a solution. Using a company such as Clearabee who have an ethical solution that can make a difference. They can divert 90% of what they collect away from landfill. They have a range of collection types ranging from a skip to a man and a van with everything in between.

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