Five ways to make your office a little greener

green office

We’re constantly hearing about the effects of climate change and how it’s affecting the environment.

Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing we can do, but by making a few simple changes in your office, whether you’re the boss or an employee, you’ll be able to lend a helping hand to make the world a greener place.


The first thing to do, in any office, is to manage your waste effectively, and the easiest way to do this is to recycle.

You can start with paper recycling stations, before introducing areas to recycle plastic, glass and even food waste. You’ll be surprised at how much waste your office produces.

Of course, you could try and steer away from using paper and go down the paperless route, which shouldn’t be too hard with the number of portable devices available now.

Indoor nature

An office can become extremely stuffy and horrible. But, did you know that if you bring a little nature into the office, through a selection of plants that’ll also make the office look prettier, it can help to clean the air and improve the mood?

Plants you could use are everything from succulents and Chinese Evergreens to Spider Plants, English Ivies and Peace Lilies.

Cleaning products

Now, the office will need cleaning, that’s obvious. But, what cleaning products are you using?

Rather than using commercial cleaning products, which can be bad for the environment, you could make your own from household items such as bi-carb soda, and other miraculous bits.

Of course, this will be more for day to day use yourself, and not deep cleaning,

Power down

You probably leave computers on and items charging. This has a huge effect on the environment. So, by simply switching things off at the wall, you’ll be able to reduce the company’s energy consumption for the greater good.

It’ll also save the business on the electric bill.


If there’s one thing that’s having a huge effect on the environment, its cars.

It was found that 36% of the UK population still drive to work, with only 3% cycling. It was also discovered that around 27% of all car journeys in the UK were for commuting or business purposes.

Therefore, if you drive to work, try commuting on public transport, or if you own the business, offer a cycle to work scheme to make it easier for staff. Finally, when it comes to business meetings, bulk book the train, rather than hiring a car – it’s cheaper and better for the environment.

These are just the start, but a step in the right direction for helping to make your office a greener space.

Clay Miller
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