How to Overcome the Side Effects of RO water?

RO water

One of the popular and trusted methods for purifying water at our home is Reverse Osmosis or RO. The reason being it provides a comprehensive overall of all the impurities that are present in water so that you along with your family members remain healthy.

The scenario of water contamination has increased the popularity of RO UV water filter in India. In case, you are already using or planning to purchase a RO water purifier, you would have already heard about the possible side effects then you are at the correct place. The critics point to the fact that RO water purifier is not for you because of the following reasons

  • A RO purification system goes on to remove even the essential minerals from water
  • A RO purification system goes on to reduce PH levels of water

Let us analyse both the point in details.

RO purification system removes essential minerals present in water

A well -known fact is that RO purification system not only eradicates the harmful contaminants present in water like lead , mercury, etc. but even goes on to remove essential minerals like magnesium or calcium. The reason is that the size of the molecule is a lot large when you compare it to water and an RO membrane would only allow water to pass through it.

Because of this fact some people are of the opinion that since RO system removes all the essential minerals from water it would not be ideal for your health. No denying the fact that minerals like calcium and magnesium are important for your body and RO system goes on to remove them during the process of purification. But at the same time you need to dwell home the point that there is no better water purification method rather than RO one.

Now the question is how you can continue drinking RO water without having to worry too much about the harmful impact of de mineralized water.

RO is expected to reduce the PH levels of water

The moment water goes on to pass through a semi permeable RO membrane; a host of organic and in organic constituents fail to pass through it.

At the same time the body does go on to ensure that a near neutral of 7.4 PH you maintain at all times. When you are drinking acidic water the content of acidity is lost when it comes in contact with the saliva in the mouth and even the food in the stomach.

In case, you are facing health issues or planning to lose weight, it is suggested that you stop consumption of sugar enriched drinks. A tinge of alkaline water ensures proper levels of acidity as part of your diet.

The harmful impact of drinking de mineralized water for a long time

In the year 1980 a report was published by WHO, it was stated that low mineral water is not ideal for consumption and on regular consumption it can result in the deficiency of certain minerals.

The study also went on to state that drinking water deficient in calcium or magnesium could lead to fatal health consequences like heart problems. The research also did go on to state that drinking water deficient in magnesium can pave way for pregnancy disorders, certain types of cancer and premature death in infants. On the other hand drinking water low in calcium can lead to bone issues in children and even low birth weight in certain kids.

Is it recommended to stop the use of certain water purifiers?

From our discussion till now, you would be frightened about the use of RO water purifier and would be thinking to stop it on an immediate basis.

But, in no way, this could be deemed to be a sensible solution, as the moment you stop the use of RO water purifier, you could be facing the risk of life threatening diseases emerging from water impurities. The reason is no other water purification technology is as efficient as a RO technology.

The only solution lies in to eradicate the shortcomings caused by a RO water purifier. This could be a technology which re mineralizes or to even add up the minerals that is lost by the process of filtering.

How to re mineralize RO water?

In the event of you already relying on RO water purifier, and this is without mineral cartridge, even when the TDS level of water is below 50 ppm an option would be to add an extra mineral cartridge. Post the carbon filter allows the water to accumulate in a storage tank. This you can do it yourself or a professional might help you.

This cartridge goes on to add the essential missing minerals.  At the same time you can end up purchasing special alkaline bottles that is not only going to increase the PH level of water but incorporates essential minerals in water.

If you are planning to purchase a new RO water purifier, always opt for water purifiers with TDS controller feature. This would be really important if the TDS level of water is below 900 ppm as most of the RO systems go on to eradicate 99 % of TDS. In fact most of the reputed brands in this business have this feature.

Water does not only seem to be the source of essential minerals like calcium or magnesium. Even foods can be added on to your diet to ensure a balance. For example foods in the form of cheese of green leafy vegetables are ideal examples


In a nutshell a sensible option would be to remove all the debate whether a RO system works wonders for your health or not. Not only it is one of the best forms of water purification system but works out to be a safe option. If you do follow the simple things mentioned above then RO water purification would do more good than harm to you. This provides you complete peace of mind as far as pure drinking water is concerned.

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