10 Fun and Inspiring Fire Pit Projects

Do you wish that there was an easier way for your family to spend more time together or that you had something fun for guests to do at parties? Building your own fire pit is a great way to bring people together. Inspiring fire pit projects help you create a space that you can use when hosting a birthday party, a family reunion or just a quick barbecue when you do not have access to the best electric smoker . The best ideas are suitable for those with any skill level.

Simple, but Sturdy


An easy way to build a backyard fire pit is with concrete pavers available from any home improvement stores. You simply arrange the pavers in the shape and design that you want and stack the pavers on top of each other to keep the fire from spilling out and over the sides. It’s helpful to lay down stone or concrete on the bottom and to keep sand on hand for emergencies. According to the National Fire Protection Association, outdoor fire pits and similar set ups cause close to 3,700-yard fires each year.

Flower Pot


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to build a fire pit is with a flower pot and some copper tubing. Though you can weld the tubing together to create a frame for the pot, you can also have someone do this step for you. This keeps the heat from the pot from scorching your lawn.

Sunken Fire Pit


If your guests like huddling together near the fire, consider adding a sunken fire pit to your yard. You’ll need to dig a hole or trench in your yard that you use for that fit. Packing down the bottom and sides will reduce the impact the heat and flames have on the pit. You can then add natural stones to line the bottom and sides of your pit. This idea is best for homes without children and pets because those animals and kids can accidentally fall inside.

Brick Pit


Bricks are great for using as a fire pit because the material is fire resistant. All you need is a shovel to create the outline of your pit and to remove the top inch of soil. Tamper down the soil before laying down a layer of sand or gravel. Stack the bricks around the sides of the pit and up to the height that you want. Those bricks will contain the fire inside the pit.

Metal Pipe


Another easy DIY method for building a fire pit is one that uses a metal pipe. You can find pipes the right size for your lawn and have the company you buy it from cut the pipe to the height that you want. As long as you have a layer of sand or gravel down, you can put the pipe right on top and safely build a fire inside.

Gravel Overload


Protect your entire lawn and give your guests a place to sit with a fire pit made almost entirely from gravel. Dig a hole in your yard to the depth and size that you want for the pit. Place a layer of gravel in the bottom and some stone along the sides to give it a good foundation. Use more stones around the top to keep the flames from spreading before laying down a layer of gravel in a circular shape around the pit. You can put all your lawn chairs right on the gravel.

Table and Pit Combo


Create a fire pit that doubles as a table for outdoor entertaining. Make your fire pit from bricks or stones that you layer on top of each other with a layer of gravel along the base. Measure the exact size and shape of the pit to determine the size table that you need. You can use wood glue or nails to combine wood boards together and then use a table saw to cut the table to the size needed. This piece will sit right on top of the pit to create a table, but it comes off just as easily.

Mimic a Campfire

fire pitSource

The same pavers that you can use to make a standard fire pit also let you mimic the look and feel of a campfire. Once you have the pavers laid out in a circular shape, you simply divide the pit in half and create another layer of stones that wrap around that half. Keep reducing the number of pavers that you use with each level to create one side that is significantly higher. This project is safe for using right up against the wall of your home or garage because the pavers will keep the flames from moving beyond the pit.

Create a More Open Space


Instead of just making a fire pit with closed off sides, you can look to inspiring fire pit projects to find ways of creating more open designs. You can arrange bricks in the shape of the fire pit that you want. Instead of placing more bricks directly on top, you’ll place the bricks on their shorter sides on the bottom layer. Wrap the bricks around the pit, leaving a small gap between each one. Use an outdoor glue or adhesive to keep the bricks attached together and more glue to attach the bricks that make up the top of the fire pit.

Galvanized Steel


Create a more modern fire pit from a galvanized steel tub. You’ll find these tubs at most animal supply and feed stores. Drill or cut holes on one side of the tub to let more air flow through as the fire burns. Place the tub on some gravel or sand that you lay down on the grass to disperse the heat produced. To create a more permanent fire pit, you can arrange stones, rocks, bricks or pavers around the sides of the steel tub.

Before you invite guests over on a cooler night, use one of these inspiring fire pit projects to create a fun place for relaxing and entertaining.

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