How To Make Your Rubbish Removal More Eco-Friendly

make your rubbish removal more eco friendly

The planet is slowly filling up with trash. Living beings are starting to feel the harmful effects of improper garbage disposal. Animals die because of ingesting plastics thrown away in landfills and oceans. If we don’t act now, we’ll be destroying the only world we have. If you want to do your part, here are some ways you can make your rubbish removal more eco-friendly:

Hire Professionals

For small trash removals, such as separating your trash in different bins, you may not need the help of professionals. But for bulk removals, such as when you’re doing a remodeling of your home, you’ll need help.

Companies like 1300 Rubbish specialize in bulk removal of garbage from residential homes and commercial buildings. Their services include proper disposal of trash, as well as site clean-up. These professionals know how to properly dispose of old furniture, mountains of old junk, and other garbage you need to throw away.

Segregate Your Trash

If you don’t have a large amount of trash that needs immediate disposal, you can do small acts to make your rubbish removal more eco-friendly. Segregating waste is one of the most basic ways you can help the environment. You may be throwing away garbage in trash bins instead of anywhere you like, but you can still step up a bit from that.

Segregate your trash. Separate the different kinds of materials that you want to throw away. Put food scraps in a different bin from papers, plastics, and so on. You’re likely already familiar with the biodegradable and non-biodegradable way of separating trash, so make use of that. When you segregate your garbage, it makes it easier for you to do these other steps below.

Make Compost

When we cook food, there will always be food scraps. It could be peels of fruit, stalks of vegetables, or even used tea bags. You can use food waste to make compost. It can be an excellent fertilizer for your home garden if you have one. It’s why you need to separate food scraps from non-biodegradable waste so that you won’t be littering on your garden.

It’s also safer to use compost instead of chemical fertilizers because the latter can be bad for people’s health, especially when not washed from fruits or vegetables properly. Aside from being safe for vegetable gardens, it also won’t produce chemicals into the air that could also contribute to air pollution.

Install A Garbage Disposal

If you don’t have a garden you can put compost on, the next best option for your food waste is to have a garbage disposal. You can install one on your kitchen sink to take care of the food scraps that you need to throw away. It grounds the food scraps so it can flow through the pipes and not clog them.

If you have a garbage disposal, you won’t have to throw refuse away in the trash bins, which may get mixed in with non-biodegradables. Wastewater treatment plants will find some use for them if you can’t. They may use it for compost or to make biogas.


Don’t be hasty in getting rid of all the garbage that you have. When you separate your trash, you can identify the items that you can use for a different purpose. For example, you can repurpose the glass jars of spreads and turn them into grain containers.

Repurposing means finding a different use for items where you don’t need to use energy to break down its major components. A bit of modification is fine, such as turning your denim pants into shorts or your t-shirts into crop tops.


Recycling means the objects need to undergo processing so it can be used again. The items need to be broken down so they’re safe to use again. Recyclable things include glass, paper, and pet bottles.

You should never reuse pet bottles. The plastic they use for those can release dangerous chemicals over time when used over and over, so you need to bring them to recycling centers to properly process them.

Reduce Waste

Another thing you can do to be more eco-friendly is to reduce the amount of trash you produce. Staying away from single-use plastics decreases your carbon footprint. You can set environment-friendly goals, such as eliminating the use of plastic inside your home. Use metal straws when you make smoothies instead of getting a bag of plastic ones. Small things like that is a start.

Final Thoughts

Making a difference starts with yourself. Your one use of a plastic straw can already be damaging to the environment. Imagine if each person thought one plastic straw is no harm, so they use it anyway. There are almost eight billion people in the world, so it means there are already billions of plastic straws being used. Instead, you can do your part in caring for the environment by practicing eco-friendly rubbish removal.

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