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3 Ways You Can Promote Sustainability During Outdoor Activities

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No matter how much modern technology impacts our lives, spending time outdoors will always be a great way to leave all your worries behind and relax with friends or family. Nature offers us a virtually endless variety of fun activities and all it asks in return is that we respect and protect it. Here are the best ways to do so.

1. Take Full Advantage of Solar Energy

Most of the equipment you use when camping or hiking is powered by electricity, which is usually created with unsustainable resources, such as coal. Having rechargeable batteries on all your devices is the first step in making them more environmentally friendly, but when the time comes to recharge them the cleanest way to do so is with the help of the biggest source of energy around, the sun.    

One of the most important electronic devices you need on your outdoor adventures is your mobile phone. Instead of carrying a power bank that uses up lots of resources to manufacture and to charge, you can use a solar mobile charger instead. It’s easy to attach to your backpack and will definitely give your phone all the power it needs. Aside from the charger, there are plenty of other solar devices you can use, such as a portable shower, a flashlight, and even an oven to cook with.

2. Minimize Your Impact on the Environment

Nature is wonderful and it’s there for all of us to enjoy, but we must always remember that we are simply guests in the home of all the plants and animals that surround us. This means we have to be polite and leave our camping site or hiking trail just as we found it. While this may sound like common sense, the huge amounts of trash around many camping sites show it is not something that everybody does.

Returning to Civilization

While planning your trip, always remember to leave room in your bags for your trash. This way, when you decide to return to civilization you can pack all the waste you created and drop it at a recycling center. You also will need to use biodegradable soap and toothpaste, and never use them less than 200 feet away from any water source, to avoid the risk of polluting it.

3. Learn Safe and Sustainable Boating Practices

Spending time on a boat is one of the quietest and most relaxing things you can do. However, doing it in a safe and sustainable manner requires a bit of education and practice. From learning how should you pass a fishing boat in order to avoid its nets to always using eco-friendly cleaners, there is plenty of information that you must be familiar with in order to ensure a safe environment for yourself and surrounding boats, while also respecting nature.

Spending time in nature is essential for anyone’s well-being. Although most people are aware of that, many tend to take it for granted and assume it will be there for them tomorrow. By promoting sustainability during your outdoor activities, you help create a culture that preserves the beauty of nature so that future generations can enjoy it.

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