5 Main Benefits Of Purified Water

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Cleaning Your Body

If you want your body to be in its fullest flourish, you need to eat right and exercise regularly. Part of doing that means ingesting the right liquids. With this in mind, we’ll briefly explore some notable benefits of using a purified water filter.

1. Avoiding Long-Term Medical Conditions: Think “Flint”

Flint, Michigan has become notorious for having dirty water. Water from rusty pipes were leaking into public water supplies. Many people were so poor and drank from the tap. This made them incredibly sick with long-term conditions like cancer. Here’s the thing: Flint isn’t the only area of America at risk.

In Berkeley, California, across The Bay from San Francisco, researchers found Atrazine in the water. Atrazine is a pesticide that affects the gender of frogs. What’s worse is that it’s not the only troubling compound found in water reservoirs.

Here’s what happens: people take various hormones pills and those hormones are excreted into water, which is filtered and distributed to wide populations. It affects the wildlife and eventually nearby human life.

Many water supplies have chemicals that incidentally develop from a phenomena like this. Additionally, governments commonly put salts and chemicals into water supplies to purify them—such as chlorine, or fluoride. These compounds are relatively harmless in small, rare doses; but continuous ingestion of them will diminish your health over time.

2. Having Grid-Independent Purification Options Readily Available

If you’ve got purification solutions available at your home, then you can use them on water should primary water supply be cut off during an emergency. There are non-electric purifying solutions out there, and others which can be plugged into a solar panel or generator. Also, solar energy in general increases property value. Compound that with built-in purifying apparatuses.

3. Saving Money

If you want to have clean, healthy water, and you don’t want to spend $1 to $2 per gallon per day, acquiring a purification solution at your home can save you hundreds of dollars—or even thousands—over the long-term.

4. Protecting The Environment

When you’re buying a lot of plastic bottles, they become trash. As a result, they often negatively impact local ecologies. Additionally, without purification, any chemicals in water from the tap pass through you into the ecosystem via plumbing. To fully protect the environment, you’d want to purify the water in your home as best you can. Many people doing this impact the environment positively.

5. Enjoying More Pure Taste

Purified water tends to taste better than bottled water or non-purified water. When the water has chemicals in it, it’s going to have a strange “back” taste. When you buy bottled water, they sprinkle in certain salts for purity and taste as well. These things ultimately end up subtly impacting your enjoyment of the water. Purified options give you the pure taste of clean water.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

Using a countertop water filter is a cost-effective way to keep yourself healthy from chemicals. There are chemicals in the water, you can’t just trust what comes out of the tap these days.

In the present fast-paced modern world, there is more “clean” water than there ever has been. Microorganisms and other disease-causing agents are commonly filtered out. However, now there are chemicals in the water. Also, local infrastructural decline can result in polluted waters. If you’re going to keep you and your family healthy, you’ll want another option.

Having purification filters at your home can give you tastier water that’s more pure. It doesn’t impact the environment as negatively, saves money and gives you the ability to be grid-independent in times of need. Besides that, it can also help you avoid exceptionally negative long-term medical conditions like those people in Flint, Michigan are experiencing. 

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