9 Trends About Wood Balustrades You Should Know

By: Jim Pulman

9 Trendy Wooden Balustrade Designs You Should Know

A wooden balustrade is the more traditional design for homes, and it is a material that has been used for many generations. However, traditional doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Nowadays, applying modern design principles with good, old reliable wood, gives your home a more contemporary feel. Wooden balustrades protect the home occupants from nasty falls and accidents. But with the many styling options out there, you can marry both functionality and style to create a railing and balcony that gives your home its own unique charm and character. Here are nine trendy wood balustrade designs which you can use for your home:

Mix Wood and Glass

There’s just something classy about mixing your wooden balustrades with glass. The mix of old warm material with new cool material makes a unique statement piece to any home. These chic union helps to keep things light and air because glass has the ability to open up space. There are many design combos to choose from because you can play around with your timber of choice, and you can choose clear glass panels, opaque glass, or even glass with an imprinted design. Check out the materials offered by the WoodGlassGroup to see for yourself.

Consider Painted Rails

Transform your ordinary staircase into a vibrant masterpiece by painting your wooden balusters in your color of choice. If you’re feeling a little daring and adventurous, paint those timber balustrades in varying shades of color. Just make sure the rest of the staircase is white so as not to clash with your already loud railings. With this pop of color, you stairs shall be a statement piece.

Use Twisted Spindles

Utilize twisted spindles of wood which have been elegantly handcrafted into this shape as your individual railings. The unique shape of each wooden balustrade alone will surely catch the eye of anyone who comes to visit your home.

Mix with Metal

There’s just something avant-garde about mixing wood and metal. The warmth of the wood with the coolness of the metal create a stark contrast, but surprisingly, these polar materials can also complement each other when done right. Consider a unique design that utilizes wood and metal balustrades to create a spectacular design for your staircase. Don’t settle for what is ordinary when you can opt to think outside the box!

Go Rustic

Try using unpolished wood or rough wood beams to make a rustic ensemble for your home. This unfinished wood in its raw state brings the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. It creates a truly impressive visual impact that so easily grabs attention.

Follow the Graceful Curves

What sets wood apart from other materials is that it is more pliant. Wood can curve easily. The graceful curves this spiral staircase of are made all the more enthralling with a wooden balustrade that follows the flow of the arc with ease. The graceful flow of the wood is fluid, beautiful, and sophisticated, which would undoubtedly serve as a wonderful highlight to any home.

Geometric Cutouts

Opt for a finely crafted wooden rail that incorporates geometric cutouts. With advancements in modern technology, making designs on the wood itself is now an option, which you can use to upgrade your house. The cut outs in your wooden balustrade should echo the theme of your house, so that the design elements are gracefully united.

Rope Detail

Accent your wooden balustrade with rope details. There’s just something about the texture and feel of rope that matches with wood. In today’s modern designs, rope is used as a design feature to add some spice to traditional wood.

Use Two Tones

Gone are the days when you have to stick to the traditional design of just using one kind of wood for your staircase. Utilizing two toned wood panels add more warmth and class to your home. If you feel like it, you can even use different varieties of wood, so you can make your vision into a reality. The choice is really in your hands.

These days, there are truly many wooden balustrade options for you to choose from. Keep in mind that you are not bound by rigid design rules, so you can play around with different materials until you find the one that speaks to your heart.

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