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Heard of renewable diesel? Are diesel generators the best?

renewable diesel

Diesel is a popular alternative to natural gas but like natural gas, it is classed a fossil fuel. Being so, it is not a renewable energy source. Did you know that there is also now renewable diesel?

Renewable diesel

Renewable diesel fuel is similar to biodiesel in many respects and is made from totally renewable resources. This can vary but it is usually things like natural fats, grease and vegetable oil. Renewable diesel is processed following the same methods as traditional diesel though which makes it a good alternative.

It also has the same chemical structure as traditional petroleum diesel. This allows it to be used in engines/ machinery that run on traditional diesel without issue. Many more modern diesel generators are being designed to run on both biodiesel and renewable diesel too.

Diesel, therefore, is one of the only fossil fuels that can actually claim to be renewable at least in some form. If you are thinking about getting a diesel generator, get one that can run on renewable diesel.

Benefits of Diesel

Diesel generators have a number of benefits when compared to other common alternatives. They produce more energy per kilowatt than gas generators. Furthermore, they are more durable and rugged. This would result in less maintenance and there are no spark plugs needed as the fuel auto ignites.

In some respects, diesel generators are more simplistic machines. This might sound like a disadvantage at first but it is actually preferable to many people. Diesel generators are therefore easier to use. Thanks to their more durable and strong design, they have a longer lifespan on average.

Just by using renewable diesel or biodiesel, you are making your generator more green. So, diesel does offer quite a lot of benefits and can be more green than most people realise.   

Renewable Fuel Alternative 

Natural gas and propane are non-renewable fuels which means there is only really solar power left.

Solar powered generators are only currently available in portable forms and do require solar panels to work as well. Using solar panels would incur more cost and preparation, unlike diesel.

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