How Buying An Eco-Friendly Mattress Can Help The Environment Long Term

eco-friendly mattress can help the environment

Sleep plays a crucial role in people’s daily lives. With innovation, manufacturers have developed eco-friendly ways to create mattresses that present significant benefits for both consumers and the environment. These mattresses are made from natural and organic materials. The great thing is that they are easily sustainable, but how can eco-friendly mattress options help the environment? Here are some of them:

Clean Air

One of the biggest environmental challenges today is having clean air to breathe. As the planet’s atmosphere isn’t getting any better, massive carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases greatly contribute to carbon footprints coming from machine and factory operations. Eco-friendly mattresses contribute small but significant changes against air pollution. This is due to them being made from organic and non-synthetic materials with no harmful chemicals.

Commercial Wool and Air Pollution

Moreover, the oil-based synthesis of commercial wool used in ordinary mattresses promote air pollution. Massive production of these types of mattresses produce harmful chemicals released into the air and even in water. By using natural wool harvested from sheep, this can greatly diminish pollution released by factories. Furthermore, this complies with the rules and regulations of environmental protection.

By using eco-friendly mattresses, you’re basically lying down on foam made of organic cotton. Unlike synthetic cotton, organic cotton is harvested in organic farms that have less carbon emissions released in the atmosphere. Essentially, this helps combat global warming. With the increased clamor for various ways to go green, purchasing an eco-friendly mattress is one sustainable option. For every purchase of this item, people aren’t only having a good night’s sleep. They’re also helping the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Sustainability and Biodegradability of Resources

While mattress manufacturers create eco-friendly mattresses made from natural materials, they also make sure that these materials are significantly sustainable for further use. The main components of eco-friendly mattresses are organic latex, wool, and cotton, which have low harmful impacts to the environment. They’re also easily sustainable as they don’t completely deplete resources.

For instance, the extraction of latex from rubber trees don’t require cutting down an entire tree, but only cutting a small portion of the tree to allow the sap to be used in manufacturing latex. In 30 years, one rubber tree can produce rubber that can be utilized in creating multiple mattresses. In this way, rubber trees can serve more purposes. Aside from being a source of latex, they can be used to create furniture and for other greater industrial applications, such as a foundation of home construction.

Incorporation of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton incorporated into eco-friendly mattresses are 100% biodegradable. After years of using this mattress, you can throw them away and they will completely decompose after ending up in landfills. You can also find other methods to recycle mattresses to further reduce harmful consequences to the environment.

Healthier Soil

Since eco-friendly mattresses decompose completely, this will have a healthier impact on soils in farms. It’s a win-win situation: materials decompose with less pollution and the soil in farms will be fertilized. In this way, healthier soils can sustain plants and crops. This would yield to a greater harvest. In addition, naturally fertilized soil tends to keep soil and other particles from eroding. Not only that, air pollution is minimized aas well as other disasters that may be life-threatening.

Less Consumption

Unknown to many consumers, eco-friendly mattresses are more durable compared to regular sleeping mattresses. Organic latex incorporated into eco-friendly mattresses takes longer to break down, which accounts for its extended life expectancy. Organic cotton has another advantage: think about how long your cotton clothing lasts. Easily for an extended period without experiencing immediate wear and tear. This also applies to eco-friendly mattresses, wherein they even use organic cotton with dense and intricate quilts that can be extremely sturdy. Organic wool also contributes to the overall durability of eco-friendly mattresses due to its stretchability.

By having durable and long-lasting eco-friendly mattresses, the need to buy a new mattress will be significantly reduced. The premium quality of these mattresses can last for up to 20 to 25 years compared to ordinary mattresses, which only have a lifespan of about a decade. By buying less mattresses, you save on expenses as well as lessen wastage.


Eco-friendly mattresses are new. They are innovative ways to help the planet heal from harmful and disastrous practices. Practices that have plagued it for years. These mattresses guarantee not only a good night’s sleep, but investing in eco-friendly mattress can help the environment too. As the progression of technology continues to create various breakthroughs, eco-friendly mattresses will remain as one of the sustainable solutions that can help the environment in the long term.

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