Electric Bike the Eco-Friendly Way

Electric Bike

Many people opt to riding electric bikes for a number of reasons. There are those who are into riding for fitness reasons while there are those who do it for the environment. In fact, deciding to ride an electric bike comes with lots of advantages than driving around town in a car. An electric bike can help you get about in heavy traffic seamlessly without wasting lots of your time.

Riding a bike on a daily basis is also linked to various health benefits besides just helping to keep our environment clean. Some of the health benefits of biking include; keeping fit, decreased stress levels, and also having a general positive life.

A Sneak Peek at an Electric Bike

You will find that electric bikes come in a variety of shapes, types and sizes all for you to choose those that best suit your needs. There is an e-bike that is designed to work as a mountain bike, those designed to work as cargo bike, and even those designed as road bikes.

You should however expect that an electronic bike will feel a little heavier than a normal bike due to the added weight of the battery and motor. Of course this is a trade-off with its added benefit of making it easy for you to peddle without getting exhausted easily.

Thanks to an electric bike, you can be able to cycle long distances without running out of energy that easily. Most electric bikes will allow you to ride distances stretching even up to 50 miles from single charge. Even when the battery goes flat, recharging time may take just some few hours for it to fully recharge.

Electronic bikes are required by law to have a top speed of 20mph although there are some that will have even greater speeds. Before purchasing an electric bike to use in your city, it best to check the maximum speed limit permitted in your locality.

Using Electronic Bike the Eco-Friendly Way

Because electronic bikes are somehow powered by a battery, they do consume less energy. However, if you were to do a comparison to let’s say a motorbike, a moped, or a car, they consume a very small amount of energy. This fact alone makes an electronic bike the most eco-friendly mode of transport. A 1000 watt e bike is friendly to the environment while still giving you the speed to get to the places you need to be on time.

An electric bike has got two vital components that enable it to move. These are the battery which is the power source, and a motor that transforms electrical energy to mechanical energy. Please note that an electric bike’s battery can become worn out after long terms use and can easily be replaced.

Unlike cars or motorbikes that need fossil fuel to operate, electric bikes rely on electrical power from the battery to make your cycling work easier. When you ride them with the battery power on, the battery power is used and keeps reducing until it finally gets depleted and then it has to be re-charged.

For starters, if you have a 36V 10Ah lithium battery ion powered e-bike, you should expect the consumption rate of energy to be between 100 and 150 watts. Interestingly, a 100-watt light bulb works on a similar power as an electric bike.

Don’t just use your electronic bike just for fun, make it your primary transport item

Your main reason for buying an electric bike obviously was to be eco-friendly. If this was your actual reason to buy an electric bike then you definitely have to reduce your use of your car. You should instead use your electronic bike more to commute to work rather than driving to work. This way you will be reducing your carbon footprint and being good to the environment and everyone else that lives on the planet!

Of course you already know that your car even if it is electric, it may not be entirely green. Using a car to commute to work on a daily basis increases your carbon footprint. An electronic bike on the other hand reduces your carbon footprint remarkably.

If you need to re-charge your electronic bike if possible, use solar power

We all know that electric bikes are powered from batteries that need to be re-charged when they run out of electrical charge. What better way for you to even be more eco-friendly when you need to re-charge your bike by re-charging the battery from a solar energy power source. Solar power is more eco—friendly compared to electricity that is generated by most power generating companies around the world.

If you need to pump up the tire of your electronic bike, use a conventional pump

Bicycle users often have a tendency to use automatic inflators to pump up their bicycle tires when they encounter flat tires. They do so because it saves them the job of having to use manual bike pumps to inflate the tires. Well, using those little automatic inflators usually increase the carbon concentration in the environment. The best thing you can do to be more eco-friendly when pumping your bike is to use a manual pump. This way you will have reduced your carbon footprint greatly.

When it is time to let your electronic bike go, do it in a way that is mindful to the environment

Of course it pains to think about the fact that one day you will have to dump your electric bike but this is one prospect that is inevitable because the bike obviously has a definite lifespan. Instead of having to take it to the scrap metal dealers for the false promise that the frame will be recycled why not pass it to someone who can repair it and re-use it?

Final remarks

Electronic bikes offer an eco-friendly way for people to ride to and from work significantly reducing the carbon footprint of users. Besides, riding bikes is a great way to keep fit and healthy in the long run. You also stand to avoid the stress that traffic jams put on motorists and easily get to your destination in time.

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