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They say that dogs are man’s best friends and that’s why you will find almost every home having a dog. While dogs make the loyalist of friends, the waste that they leave behind has become a huge problem in the streets of major cities. The problem is so grave and unpleasant to people that proper ways must be crafted to see how it can be managed.

Pet owners should find sustainable ways to help keep the waste that their pets drop both in public or private places. Curbicus, a revolutionary dog poop collecting device that contains compostable bags offers the perfect solution for urban pet parents.

Main problem

The problem of uncollected dog poop left on the sidewalk, open fields, public recreational parks, or even children play park is getting in a lot of people’s nerves. Usually, the ugly signs of uncollected dog waste are so easy to spot – but they aren’t as pleasant to look at!

Abandoned dog poop deposits are the few things that irritate people living in large cities and it seems the problem may not go away soon as there more and more dogs being registered by the relevant authorities. The best solution to help make the effort of collecting dog poop less ugly for the dog owners is using something like Curbicus. This is a patent-pending dog poop collection device that easily eliminates the ‘gross factor’ when handling dog waste. With it keeping the streets and sidewalks free of dog waste will be quite an easy affair. It is a cylindrical device that weighs just 1.5lbs which can easily be attached to a dog leash or even the pet owner’s wrist. It features a small battery-operated vacuum mechanism and self-closing compostable bags that alleviate the disgusting work involved with having to pick dog poop by the hand.

Why We Can’t Ignore the Problem of Dog Waste Removal

Possible contamination of water supply sources in your area

Nowadays so many people own dogs in the major cities and if each dog in a city were to drop its poop, without proper dog poop removal, there would be a huge problem. It is estimated that each dog produces just about 275 pounds of poop per year on average. Now, when this is not properly managed and well discarded, we will be dealing not just with an environmental problem but an environmental health hazard as well. Imagine during days of heavy downpour, there is a possibility of dog waste possibly being washed into the rivers or lakes. When this occurs, these vital water sources can easily get polluted with toxic and harmful animal waste. Of course, you understand where most of the water supply from the big cities comes from and the potential for them being polluted with dog waste because that waste was not collected by the pet parent.

Children also face the possibility of touching or playing with un-picked dog poop

Dogs are known to leave behind their poop almost everywhere they go; children playground, parks, sidewalks, etc. Of course, it is natural for dogs to poop because they eat just like we human eat and have to visit the toilet to empty our bowels. The issue comes in when a dog owner goes out for a walk with his/her dog and leaves the poop on the sidewalk, children playground or any other place.

Young children are known to play with almost anything they come across including dog poop left in the open. Even though most children are usually wise enough to avoid dog poop when they come across it, in some unfortunate incidences some children have smeared themselves with it!  While dog poop might not be that readily fatal to a kid that plays with it, but this can be unpleasant and also lead to the possibility of a multitude of other serious side effects that are already aforementioned in this piece above.

Utmost care needs to be taken when handling dog waste

Dog waste is not just like any other kind of waste that you will ordinarily go and pick up. Urban pet parents need to understand that dog waste contains harmful bacteria. Some of the harmful bacteria that can be found in dog poop include; E. coli, Salmonella, and ringworm to say the least. These are highly dangerous and unpleasant and therefore need an effective and efficient dog waste removal material such as Curbicus.

The Benefits of Using Curbicus

Carbicus is an effective and efficient dog waste cleaning material that will ensure that you are out of harm’s way when you collect your dog poop. Besides being protective to you, it makes the effort of collecting your dog poop easy and eco—friendly. Of course, there may be other dog waste removal products available such as biodegradable or plastic bags, but neither of these is as sustainable as compostable bags. Nevertheless, compostable bags are still gross to use especially if it is the smelly dog poop that you are dealing with here. And you know when you are using compostable bags to collect dog waste it involves direct contact with dog waste. This may be so gross and unpleasant to you if you know what it is all about! This is where Curbicus comes in it offers the perfect solution because its compostable bags are self-closing.

Curbicus Product Features

The device weighs just 1.5lbs – with this lightweight, carrying around as you walk with your dog is easy and convenient. You can, for instance, attach it to your dog’s leash or even wear it on your wrist as well for easy carrying.

Easy collection of dog poop – the Curbicus device works on a small battery-operated vacuum mechanism with self-closing compostable dog poop collecting bags. In conclusion, this makes it an easy one-handed, two-step process that alleviates the disgusting method of directly picking up dog poop by hand using compostable bags.

It is highly versatile – Yes, it is so easy to use and carry around thanks to its compact size and lightweight. Most importantly, it is also friendly to the environment!

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