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The Benefits of Including Greens in Your Diet

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The advantages of eating greens are many. It has a food value that cannot be substituted by any other form of food or supplement. The human body needs green vegetables as much as it needs animal protein. As a matter of fact, the body could still do without the consumption of meat and dairy products as long as the protein obtained from these are substituted, but it cannot work without the consumption of vegetables and other greens. Let us, therefore, move on to investigating the health benefits of some of the greens and see how you could include them into your diet. You could also check the link to find exciting recipes and suggestions regarding your diet.

Fresh Herbs:

Adding some fresh herbs to your meals will enhance its taste and provide you with a dose of nutrients that you might otherwise miss out on during your day’s intake of meals. Consider adding mixed herbs, freshly made at home to your veggies and steak. It will satisfy your taste buds and increase the food value of all your meals. Try adding parsley to your green juices, salads or food items made out of whole grains. Herbs are the best way to elevate your food from the status of boring to divine in just one go. And it comes with some very specific nutritional quotient. Therefore, why not try them out for your next meal?


The very first health benefit that you must take away while discussing avocados is that they are miracle workers for your eyes. They contain an antioxidant known as lutein, which protects your eye, plus vitamin E, which is also responsible for keeping your eyes safe and healthy. Vitamin E also helps in keeping your brain impermeable to diseases that result from gradual ageing like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Avocados also contain fat, but not the ones that shall threaten your cholesterol levels. In fact, it has monounsaturated fats, ones that are responsible for lowering your cholesterol level. The best way of including avocados into your daily routine is by eating a green salad every day with quite a few avocados in it. You could also make a soup out of them or carry an avocado sandwich for lunch to work to get your dose of avocados for the day.


Cancer has assumed the shape of an epidemic. Each day our lives are inundated with news of cancer claiming the lives of people we have known for a sufficiently long time. Though the fatality of cancer is beyond our control, a disciplined lifestyle can often help us beat this harbinger of death. There are several precautions that one might be able to take to keep this dangerous disease at bay. You could moderate your diet by dosing up on Kale. Kale is known to have elements that can prevent cancer. It is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, and all the greens belonging to this family have anti-cancer properties. Besides fighting cancer, Kale also boosts your immunity and promotes healthier vision. It also tends to your bone health and has anti-inflammatory properties that cure inflammation.


If not for anything, eat Kiwis just because they taste good. Kiwis are impregnated with all the right nutrients required to get you through the day. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium and vitamin E, probably far more than any other fruit and vegetable. It is also rich in fibre, which is enough reason to include this fruit into your diet. You must consider starting your day with this wonder fruit by adding it to your cereals or by just eating a platter of mixed fruits dominated by kiwi. There is no better way to start your day than kiwis.

Green Tea:

Green tea is the tea that you should be drinking when you are not drinking anything else. In fact, you must attempt to make this your only beverage. It has antioxidants which make it a favourite among nutritionists. Plus, if you are looking to shed those extra kilos and want to slip into those pair of jeans that you thought was a lost cause for your ever-expanding waistline, green tea can help you in this endeavour.

 Green tea also helps in preventing several cardiovascular diseases, cuts down your increasing cholesterol level and leaves your skin clear and young. It is known to be one of the best blood purifiers. Set the tune of your day right with a warm cup of green tea and feel a surge of energy rushing through your veins.


You need to make some room in your diet for healthy greens because the health benefits of greens are far more than what we presume them to be. It might not occur to you now amidst all the calories from the junk that you keep dosing up on. But later in life, when your body starts showing several symptoms of ailments resulting from a deficiency of nutrients, you might sit back and regret on the choices that led to this breakdown of health. Therefore, better start now and live a wholesome life.

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