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How to Make Your Own Camomile Tea at Home

chamomile tea

Camomile tea is becoming a much talked about tea. It is talked about for both its taste as a tea and also for its benefits to health.

It is a tea with wide-ranging benefits to health due to the compounds contained within the plant. These offer us protection against pathogens such as bacteria and fungus. It is used to reduce inflammation within the body which wreaks havoc on our system. Owing to inflammation, many of the ailments from which we suffer. 

Camomile is a well known mild sedative which produces a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system. This property has offered those suffering from stress and anxiety some natural relief. In addition, it helps for those who find it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. Many have reported that it allows them to feel calmer and therefore more rested. It is a great immune booster, which is great for cold winters. Adding on, some find it helpful to use the tea after eating to soothe their digestive tract. This results in better passage of their food. I have also known people to drink it prior to a meal as well to relax their digestive tract in preparation for eating.

In order to enjoy the best flavour and maintain the very best of the nutrients, the tea should be prepared carefully. You can grow your own camomile if you choose to do so. You may use the fresh flowers you produce or you can purchase dried flowers.

The tea can be carefully prepared as follows:

Step 1

Boil some water and make sure that you use water which is off the boil to make the tea. The water should not be too hot or you will damage the nutrients contained within the flowers.

Step 2

For each cup you are going to make, you should allow one teaspoonful of the dried flowers or if you are using fresh flowers, then use two teaspoons. This can vary according to taste and you can add more or useless depending on how strong you would like your tea to be.

Step 3

Add the flowers to a tea ball or infuser. Allow between 5 and 8 minutes for the preparation to be ready before removing the ball or infuser.

Step 4

Enjoy a delicious cup of camomile tea.

Camomile tea can be enjoyed on its own or some people like to add some honey to taste. As you become adept with tea making, you can decide to mix flavours. In doing so, it offers the benefits of camomile tea while having a different taste. Lemon, mint, and lavender are nice flavours to add to the tea and all come with their health benefits too. Take time to combine flavours according to your own palate and preference in taste.

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