How to Select a Bike That’s Safe for Long Distance Traveling

safest and most comfortable bike

If there’s one thing all cyclists can agree upon, it’s that long-distance biking isn’t the most comfortable thing you can do for your seat. Is it possible to get the safest and most comfortable bike for your distance traveling. But what about the rest of your body?

You might be surprised to learn many bikes aren’t designed for distance treks.

This is why many cyclists will opt to get a new bike when they begin distance traveling.

There are two things to consider when getting a bike for distance.

First, there’s the type of bike. Second, there’s your personal style. In this post, we’re going to review both to help you choose the safest and most comfortable bike for your distance traveling.

Consider your riding style

Think about the type of rider you are. Do you spend more time on paved roads than riding off the beaten path? Are you a leisure rider or a speed racer?

For many distance cyclers, comfort is one of the most critical factors, but it’s important to consider how you’re going to be using the bike more often.

If you end up getting a street bike for comfort but end up riding off-road most often, you may be putting your safety at risk.

Types of bikes for distance traveling

Some bikes are recommended for distance traveling more than others. The following are good choices for long rides.

Mountain Bikes

If you’re going to be doing any long-distance mountain bike tours, the hardtail mountain bike is probably your best bet. This type of bike has thinner tires and also works well on paved roads. Naturally, it’s not as efficient as pavement bikes, but its suspension is helpful for all-terrain conditions.

Touring bikes

If you’re going to be traveling by car for a portion of your ride, you’ll find the touring bike and its extra mounts to be beneficial. This type of bicycle also has additional mounts for water bottles, which makes it an ideal choice for those long treks, especially in warmer weather. The touring bike is best for smooth roads and can handle some rugged terrain, but it’s built for speed and not as much for comfort.


For many cyclists, the hybrid is the safest option. This type of bike features straight handlebars and great suspension. You may even find front and seat-post suspension.

The hybrid is probably the most comfortable choice, but it’s not for everyone. This bike is built for leisure over performance, so if you’re looking for speed or rugged off-road adventuring, this may not be the best choice.

But if you’re cycling along mostly paved roads and aren’t particularly concerned with speed, the hybrid is the safest and most comfortable bike choice.

Get expert advice

If you still aren’t sure about which bike is the safest and best bike choice for you, enlist the help of an expert. It’s easier than you might think. Just go to a dedicated cycling store and ask. There are experts ready to help.

And when you do embark on a distance trek, make sure to bring lots of water and your safety equipment. It’s important to be safe as there are some common bike accident injuries, such as strains and fractures, you’d want to avoid.

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