What Tools Do Professional Gardeners Use?

tools for gardening

If doesn’t matter if you have a small home garden or if you manage a community garden. You have to have the right tools for gardening. Tools for gardening are crucial for handling many jobs. Jobs include planting flowers, digging the soil, trimming shrubs, and trees, watering plants, and more.

There are some tools for gardening that are essential to have to ensure a garden remains healthy and properly maintained. While you will find a countless array of options at any local gardening store, some of the essentials, which are all available from Easy Digging, have been listed here.

The Garden Trowel

You always need to have a well-made trowel on hand. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a large bed or small container garden. A trowel is needed to get your plants and seedlings in the soil easily.

A Garden Hoe

A hoe, featuring a long handle, will help gardeners handle challenging tasks with ease. It’s commonly used for keeping unwelcome weeds out of a garden. This is done by using the hoe for weed removal as the appear in the soil.

With careful use of a hoe, you can remove weeds without causing damage to your plant’s roots. You can find hoe heads available in several sizes and shapes, which means you can choose one that best fits your needs.

A Cultivator or Hand Fork

A hand fork is a smart way to loosen the soil and clean up beds in your yard or garden. You can use this tool to cultivate the soil, chop up clumps, and work amendments into the soil.

These are beneficial when working in beds that are planted closely together. It can cut the compacted, hard soil easily and comes in handy for cleaning away thatching or moss and aerating the soil.

Pruning Shears or Hand Pruners

It’s a good idea to invest in quality pruning shears or secateurs, as they are often called. These are offered in several sizes and types and you can buy the option that best suits your needs. These are useful when pruning branches with small diameters.

They can also be used for trimming shrubs and bushes of all sizes. By trimming these plants regularly, you can keep them clean and healthy.

Watering Nozzles and Watering Cans

Watering cans with a nozzle that creates a fine spray of water is crucial to gently water sprouting seeds and seedlings planted over a large area, without washing them away. Adding on, try to find one with longer nozzles for the best results.

A Spading Fork

Also called gardening forks, this is a great tool to have for aerating and transplanting. You can also use it for splitting perennials and ornamental grasses. In fact, it’s impossible to dig or divide perennials if you don’t have a heavy duty, quality spading fork. Additionally, this tool comes in handy for spreading mulch, manure, or sorting hay.

Get the Right Tools for Gardening

As you can see, there are more than a few tools for gardening that you should have on hand for any gardening project.

Also, make sure to have everything needed before you get started. This ensures you don’t have to spend time going back and forth trying to get all the necessary supplies.

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