Top Road Safety & Defensive Diving Tips for Teen Drivers

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Statistics about young drivers show that for each 100,000 road accidents, more than 5,000 of  these involved teenagers. Case in point, many young drivers tend to be more prone to committing accidents on the road. In fact, for young people between the ages of 15 and 20, the leading cause of death is motor vehicle crashes. These deaths could have been avoided if the drivers have been more careful. And to avoid these tragic cases from happening to you, you might want to practice these road safety and defensive driving tips.

Keep your Cell Phone Away

The last thing that you need while driving is a distraction. While you are in front of the wheel, you should keep your eye on the road at all times and be very attentive of everything that is happening around you while you are driving. It is advisable that you keep your phone away so as to not keep your focus out of the road.

Always Wear Seat Belt

Seatbelts save lives is not just another bumper sticker line. In fact, more than 15,000 lives are saved by seat belts each year in the United States when car crashes occur. And it would not hurt to make it a practice to always wear a seat belt. You might be a very careful driver, but you wouldn’t know if other drivers will be as careful as you. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and injured. Or worse, dead.

Pay Attention to Traffic Signs

Apart from familiarizing yourself with the different traffic signs that are on the sides of the road, you should also pay attention to them and be sure to follow them. These signs are not just decorations. They are strategically placed to make sure that you get to see them and are there for your own safety. So whether it’s a No U-turn, Yield, Slow Down, or a Y intersection sign, you should heed these warnings and be careful with your driving.

Don’t Drink & Drive

Alcohol and driving are like oil and water. They don’t mix together. You can drink, but never drive while you are intoxicated. In fact, if you are going to a party and will be drinking a lot, it’s better that you have someone drive you to and from the party. Or if your only option is to drive your car towards the party, you should remember not to exceed the alcohol limit.

Be Careful About Speed Limit

Speaking of road signs, speed limits are definitely one of the many signs you should watch out for. These speed limits are there for a reason, and that is to help improve safety on the road and to minimize any casualties from traffic collisions. By following these speed limits, you also get to improve your safety on the road.

Have Safe Distance Between Another Vehicle

One of the most important road safety and defensive driving tips is the safe distance to maintain when another vehicle is in front of you should be much longer than a car length. During ideal conditions, you should drive at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front you. And in case you are following a vehicle that is towing a trailer, or a vehicle around that length, add one extra second for each three meters of trailer length.

To guarantee a safe driving experience both for you and your passengers, you should always exercise caution. This is why drivers are expected to always be of good mental and physical state at all times. A single error, even a few seconds of losing focus from driving, might cost you a lot more, even your life. So as early as now, you should start evaluating your driving habits and become more responsible, not just for your own benefit and safety, but also for everyone else’s. Keep in mind that you are not the only person on the road. Thousands of people drive daily and we all deserve safe driving conditions. So take responsibility of your driving and always put safety first. Always practise road safety and defensive driving tips to minimise occurences of accidents.

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