Trees Are Not Invincible. Proper Tree Care Can Go a Long Way

tree care

What makes nature so beautiful are the trees, which in addition to beautifying your surroundings, add shade and value to your property. Unfortunately, as resilient as trees are, they aren’t invincible so don’t count on them surviving forever due to aging, storms, drought, extreme weather conditions and especially tree stress. They need proper tree care. The factors that contribute to tree stress and eventual tree deaths are typically honest mistakes from homeowners who do not have bad intentions.

Importance of Proper Tree Care

Trees may grow without much maintenance work required for a large portion of their lives, but the consequences of improper tree care will catch up eventually. Fortunately, there are some maintenance techniques and preventative measures that can be taken to prolong the life of trees.

Trees, like humans and animals, require good nutrition, healthy environment, proper tree care and pruning. Once you see leaves appearing later than usual or falling off earlier than normal, it would be a good time to start taking things into your own hands. Additionally, you may notice discolored leaves without veins, cracked/peeled bark, dead branches and fungus growing. If you’re noticing that one of your trees is reaching near the end of its life, consider hiring a tree care professional or an “arborist”, who is trained in tree planting and cutting and can considerably extend the life of a tree. For trees that are on city property, a construction arborist report is needed to ensure the trees are properly being taken care of over the long term.

Study and Science of Trees

This leads to the field of Arboriculture, which is about the study and science of growing and maintaining trees. Although many people know that trees produce numberous pounds of oxygen during their lifetime, few realize that they require precise nurturing to thrive. Additionally, the presence of trees can act to enhance one’s mental and physical health. However, it takes hard and rigorous work to maintain trees. An arborist is the term used for a professional who typically has strong background and training on nuturing trees and all techniques used to cultivate them. They conduct a soil analysis test to determine its acidity or alkalinity. Trees require the soil to have various mineral elements and fertilizers to make it a healthy tree environment. Additionally, plantation locations need thorough analysis and root systems require management.

However, sometimes trees cannot be saved no matter which treatment was implemented and will require arborist equipment and tools to take them down. Trees with serious root or trunk issues or structural defects should be cut down immediately for safety reasons, for example during high wind seasons in which they may topple.


Despite the need for arborists, we must do all we can to preserve all the trees in the world, which are becoming more scarce each year. They are the biggest plants on the planet and provide us oxygen, stabilise the soil, beautify the surroundings and give life to the wildlife. In addition to being essential for life, trees are the longest living species on earth and we must respect and protect them for our future.

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