Responsible Corporate Practice

responsible corporate practice

Often times, when environmental issues are discussed, individuals are advised to change their habits. More specifically, they are told to take shorter showers, purchase eco-friendly cars, electric cars. Furthermore, if take the bus or ride a bike instead of driving. Most commonly, though, they are told to recycle. No one can deny that every one of us acting for the collective good can have a tremendous impact towards the environment, businesses have a more substantial responsibility for their role in the production of waste which is a by-product of their manufacturing. In summary, this is the importance of exercising responsible corporate practice.

Biodegrable solution is the best

Businesses are known to take cuts, going for the least expensive packaging for their products to maximize profit margins; this packaging is almost always plastic. Although there are plenty of varieties of plastic today that are more friendly towards the environment, companies cut cost, goes for the cheapest, and are most likely to choose the type that takes forever to decompose, if not never at all.

Even then, photo-degradable plastic, for instance, takes about 90 days to dissolve. Therefore a biodegradable solution, that does not take too long to decompose is the best option out there.

To practice reasonable corporate practice, businesses should start experimenting with recyclable and reusable packaging to reduce their environmental impact. In addition, corporate responsibility may increase business’ revenue, as consumers are increasingly more conscious about the importance of reducing their ecological footprint.

There are plenty of well-known brands that have started to turn to use recyclable and reusable packaging. The beauty industry, for example, is leading the charge.  According to Business Insider, Seed Phytonutrients have started packing their products in paper-based packaging. Plenty of makeup brands are switching to refillable containers for their powders and lotions; Others have started to use aluminum packaging as opposed to one-time plastic use packaging. 

Recyled cardboard boxes

Even big name companies like GE have started using recycled packaging for their light bulbs. They use recycled cardboard boxes to protect and display their bulbs in stores. The use of cardboard or paper-based cartons for eggs is gaining traction as well. Plastic is usually used, and it is almost always a one use affair because of the way it is shaped. More and more companies have started to utilize paper-based packaging instead of plastic. 

Some companies even started utilizing seaweed based packaging. One of the most innovative solutions was the use of seaweed-based pouch to hold water. The patch isit can be eaten as well. Six pack rings that hold beer were also made to double as fish food. Developed by Florida’s Saltwater Brewery, the technology aims to solve the issue of sea creatures dying by getting trapped in six-pack rings.

However, why do we need to recycle, why is it so important? Only about a month ago, greenhouse levels reached a record high of 415 PPM. It is a known fact that our glaciers are melting. Satellite imagery have repeatedly shown a decrease in mountain ice cap coverage. Once covered in snow, the mountains lay bare and uncapped. It is even projected that by the year 2050, the plastic floating in the ocean will outnumber the surviving fish.  Storms are heat waves worsening, sea levels are rising, the earth is changing for the worse. There is a direct link between plastic production and climate change. This is so as the process of producing plastic release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. In essence, we need to step up and exercise responsible corporate practice.

Damage to oceans

The damage to the oceans through climate change and human selfishness is undeniable. The great pacific garbage patch is the accumulation of human-produced microplastics and plastic products in a large region of the ocean. It is believed to be twice the size of Texas. Developing countries are known to contribute the most to this large patch of garbage in the ocean.

There is no denying that we are to blame for all the damage our environment is going through. Human action in burning fossil fuels and the constant use of materials that are non-reusable, non-biodegradable. This is purely for the sake of maximizing profits is costing the earth. By exercising responsible corporate practice, business and individuals must take proactive steps to prevent further irreversible damage to the planet. For us today and for future generations.

Overall more companies should be aware of their environmental impact and take proactive steps to reduce it. Businesses may be hesitant to reduce their profit margins by switching from plastic to recyclable or reusable material. Companies should recognize that the greening of management draw consumers. Drastic environmental changes have led to increases in environmental consciousness. As demonstrated by the 2017 People’s Climate March, a movement that urged governments to enact laws that would benefit the environment. Companies such as TESLA is gaining popularity not only because of their technological edge. It is also because they are actively addressing environmental issues by creating solutions that solve greenhouse problems.

Businesses are not taking the initiative to reduce their environmental impact right now; they are going to fall behind the curve. Environmental consciousness is a competitive advantage today, and businesses should embrace that fact.

Purblack’s Corporate Responsibility Towards a Greener Future

Purblack is committed not only in delivering the best in terms of quality and efficacy resin in the market. But also towards the environment and making sure that it leaves a greener planet for future generations. 

Purblack is working consistently to develop eco-friendly product solutions,. They aim in utilizing fewer plastics and materials that are not recyclable to end user.

100% Recyclable

Our jars and lid are 100% reusable. Purblack jars are biophotonic containers which can be reused to hold other light sensitive substances. The glass can also be recycled in any recycling facility. Lids are urea-based polymers which are fully recyclable in any specialized facility.  Packaging are made from compost friendly, recycled cardboard.

Inner seals are made of metal foil covered by a polymer-based plastic. We use plastic films for security seals and hologram. The seals and security films only account about 1% of the entire product weight. 

All components or our Packaging are 100% recyclable in specialized facilities.

Not only are we committed to honoring our responsibility towards the environment, but we are open to ways in making our products better. If you have any suggestions, contact Purblack, and we will be happy to discuss better solutions with you. To sum it up, exercising responsible corporate practice is every company’s obligation.

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