Why Grass-fed Meat Is Beneficial for Your Health and The Environment

benefits of grass-fed meat

Over the years the consumption of meat has tremendously increased with the outbreak of population and fall in cultivable lands. The continuous changing food habits and patterns have also divided the meat market into two subheads: grass-fed meat and grain-fed meat. But undoubtedly one of them has the upper hand and it is mostly preferred because of all the right reasons.

Given below are the reasons which will make you want to choose grass-fed meat over every other thing.

Grass-fed meat is the powerhouse of nutrition

There are absolutely no second thoughts about meat being a great source of nutrients in a diet. However, grass fed meat has more nutritional value than the grain fed meat. Though the difference isn’t much, but it has certain vitamins which are more likely to be found in the former like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and other antioxidants. When it comes to choosing quality grass-fed meat, Butcher Box is one of the companies you should try. You can read this Butcher Box review to learn more.

It does not make you compromise with taste

The battle between the grain and grass fed meat comes to an end at this particular point since former is way tastier than the latter. It tastes more like heavy minerals which can be the best way to describe the taste and even the texture of meat. While grain fed meat has more marbling and tastes sweet, healthy choice of meat clearly wins this race.

It contains lesser unhealthy fats

Lesser levels of unhealthy fats in grass fed meat is an indication of a healthy heart. It has lesser total fats, lesser calories, relatively more Omega 3 fatty acids, almost six times the beta carotene and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which reduces the risk of cancer and heart problems. You are eating what the cattle must have eaten too, so it’s better to make the choice wisely. Cattles fed on grain might also be exposed to chemicals too.

Grass fed meat is known to have lesser bacterias

Few studies show that the conventional meat i.e., grain fed meat is more likely to contain bacterias than this meat. Reports have found methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, an antibiotic resistant bacteria in the samples of grain fed meat. Traces of certain superbugs won’t be any surprise for the grain fed meat and it can surely result in food poisoning.

It is keto friendly

People who generally begin with keto, bring about a major lifestyle change. However, the keto flu hits on the third or fourth day of the cycle. The reason for this being extremely low levels of electrolytes in body, like potassium, magnesium, and sodium. This meat, luckily, has a good amount of electrolytes and by adding this along with taking electrolyte supplements can fill the void for these three electrolytes and replenishes the body with electrolytes when the keto flu drains them out. If you’re interested in starting the keto diet, I suggest taking a look at this keto food list first.

Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels

CLA which is conjugated linoleic acid, found in grass fed meat, contains a fatty acid which turns out be extremely helpful for the body as prevention against diabetes and obesity. CLA develops insulin sensitivity which promotes healthy levels of blood and sugar. In a keto lifestyle setup, consumption of this meat can help in blood glucose level.

It possesses essential climate benefits

Grass fed cattles nibble on the plants and helps in stimulation of their growth. Besides, these animals excrete manure which returns the carbon and nitrogen into the soil. This way grass fed meat has far reaching effects on the betterment of climatic conditions of the region.

Finally, besides all the above advantages of grass fed meat, it is always advised to consult your dietician or nutritionist for the correct choice of food according to your body and its metabolism. Both types of meat has their own advantages over other. It is advised to choose wisely keeping in mind the factors like money, availability and whether it is worth the effort!

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