Comprehensive Tree Services to Keep Your Tree Happy

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Trees are both useful and beautiful, especially when planted around the home, or in the garden. Sadly, many are not concerned about tree services. They fail to take good care of the trees they planted, and there are numerous reasons why this often happens. 

For many, they have no idea about caring for trees. For others, they don’t think trees need attention and care. And for many, they don’t have the time and attention to help care for their tree. 

In this article, we will focus on how to care for trees efficiently. So, pay attention as we shed more light on this point. 

Providing Comprehensive Tree Services for Your Trees

The first few years the trees spend can be very tough for them. So, you need to do the following to care for the trees effectively;

Water is essential when planting

One of the most important things your trees need is water. After planting a tree, the next thing to do is to water the tree. This will help the tree settle well into the soil, and deliver the needed moisture that will help the tree grow well. 

This does not mean that you should flood the tree and its environment with water; you only need to spray the leaf and the soil. It is best if you make use of a watering can, and spray each tree for around 30 seconds. 

Water is essential after planting

After planting the tree, you need to ensure that the soil is moist. As long as the tree is less than two years, you need always to ensure that it has enough water to feed on regularly. 

Establishments of the roots require water. But you need to be cautious while putting water on the tree; you should not overwater the tree as this may easily result in root rot. Remember, your goal is to keep the soil moist, not keep the soil wet. Tree services are always around to help you know the level of water needed by each type of tree in a manner that will match their age. 

Mulching is Essential

After planting your trees, watering is not the only care needed for its survival. You need to mulch your tree. Mulching of your tree should be done early enough before the extreme temperature starts to torment your tree. 

Mulching is a process that involves covering the topsoil of the tree with leaves or shrubs. This will help keep the soil moist, and serve as a visual for you when mowing your lawn. 

Mulching should be done around the tree, and it should cover at least 3-inch of the soil around the tree. Try to make the mulch a little bit thick to help deliver efficient covering.  And remember, you need to keep the environment of the tree clean. 

Weeding should follow

One thing that will surely compete with the planted tree is weeds. As expected, they will compete for nutrients and water. And when the tree is undernourished, the growth will be delayed. 

To prevent such an ugly scene from happening, it is best always to get rid of weeds as soon as they start to show. You should ensure that the base of the tree is always free from other plants that might be competing for nutrients. 

Pruning is a must for your tree

I am confident that one of the basic things tree services will tell you after planting your tree is to prune regularly. Your focus while pruning should include the removal of dead branches from the tree by using manual pole saw. This will help keep your trees healthy and happy. 

As much as you need to prune, you need to be careful and consider the age of the tree. For trees less than three years, you should avoid pruning excessively. At such a tender age, your tree needs enough leaf to get the required nutrients.

Pruning should be done annually. When your tree starts growing well, be sure to get rid of sprout that is growing at the base of the tree. 

Always protect the trees

Irrespective of where the tree is planted, several things are planning to harm the tree. So be prepared at all times to protect your tree. When you use lawn equipment, be sure that the lawn is protected enough to prevent such equipment from damaging the tree. When you use chemicals on the lawn, or in your garden, be sure that your trees are protected. 


You can grow healthy and happy trees if you take your time to provide the necessary care needed by the trees. Even if you don’t have the required skills, tree services can help you manage your trees and feed them in the best way. 

Above are the essential things you should do to care comprehensively for your trees. Remember, you must regularly water the trees to help it receive the needed nutrients. You must keep providing ongoing care as highlighted above for the tree. If you do, you will be happy, realizing that you made a tree happy.

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