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Unless you stay in a flat or small house, it’s crucial to find a professional removals company to assist you in moving. Packing and transporting your staff may not sound that hard, however, packing fragile items such that they are well secured, and they don’t end up breaking in transit is a work of art. Removal workers will have the expertise of the amount of weight they need to move and will do so in a safe way. Since there is plenty of options out there, here are a few pointers to assist you in deciding who to call when moving


Many factors will affect the cost of moving such as hiring movers vs DIY. The main focus is on the goods being moved, but the speed of packing, size of crew, and the distance traveled will also play a significant role in determining the overall cost. A reliable removals firm should make clear their charges and offer you ways that you could lower the cost. For example, most firms often offer a discount when you source your packing materials and assist with the parking. 

Getting Quotes from Various Removals Companies

You should get a minimum of three quotes from different removals firms, preferably from companies that will visit your property instead of simply estimating the total cost over the phone. This is especially important when there are several factors, such as very tight stairways or restricted access that will affect the job. If you have to get a quote from a firm that can’t visit your house in person, you should try to be as honest and precise as you can when putting down your possessions, and remember to include the contents of a garage or loft. 

For those who are relocating to a different place in the country, it might be wise getting an estimate from a company based in the specific area you are moving to since prices there might be more competitive. You should request for the estimate to be broken down to allow you to view the amount you would be incurring for insurance, mileage, hourly rate, packing, and any storage costs. It will assist you in comparing different quotes more accurately. 

Remember to find out if overtime rates are included and, if so, what time they begin. Tall or heavy lorries find it difficult to cope with uneven roads, tight bends, or steep gradients. Check if there is parking or access problems at the other end. You might require to contact the council or the police to have permission to unload, or perhaps to suspend a parking meter. 

Checking Out Reviews Online

Positive endorsements of a service or product are one of the crucial factors when making your decision, so while carrying out your research, make sure to pay much attention to what other people, especially past clients, say about them. As much as you would be looking out for red flags, it is equally as important to take note of positive reviews. If you find out there are more good remarks than bad, then the company is worth checking out. 

Apart from the company’s reputation, its accreditations, as well as the years of experience, are worth checking out. All these equally matters in ensuring you get a reputable choice and not the wrong firm for the job.

Removals Insurance

Moving Insurance should be included in the checklist for moving. Make sure to inquire what would happen if the job is delayed and you miss to get into your new house in the afternoon or the following day. Find out if your removals company has enough insurance cover and also what their time limit is when it comes to claiming on insurance after the job.

 In case you have any expensive possessions, find out if they require special parking and also if they will be covered by insurance; certain policies set a limit for every item. Doing some of the packing yourself could be a smart option, which could save on costs. However, stay away from packing breakables, and don’t forget the removal company’s insurance will not cover those items that you have packed. 

Getting in Touch

A reliable removals company should provide you with as many options as possible that you can get in touch with them, hinting that they are a business that has the necessary resources to deal with the job professionally. In case you find that the only contact information on their particular website is their mobile number, then you should reconsider making the call. 

Briefing a Removals Company

Once you have chosen your removals company, it would be very helpful if you could provide them with a briefing sheet that contains:

– Difficult to move items like pianos

– Any items requiring special parking, valuable objects and antiques

– Any curtains and carpets that is moving with you

– Wardrobes and other large furniture that may require dismantling

– The new property’s floor plan fit boxes properly when unloading

– Items that you’re moving yourself

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