Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Trip

zero waste eco friendly trip

It is vacation time, your bags are set, your car is ready, and everyone in the family is prepared. Family and personal vacation is indeed a happy time. But several things add to the success of each family trip. During the last vacation you went for, you promised yourself that your next vacation is going to be a zero-waste eco-friendly trip.

Here you are preparing to move again, are you really ready for an eco-friendly trip?

In this article, we are going to explore how you can embark on a zero-waste eco-friendly trip. These tips won’t affect the amount of fun you will enjoy while traveling. I promise you. Or better still, leave it to the professionals. Some companies such as Natural Habitat Advanture offer zero waste trips.

How to Embark on a Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Trip

Pack minimally

The first thing that will help you reach your goal is to pack only the things you will need for the trip. The more loads you pack, the higher your chances of picking less important things.  So, sit back, think about the things you need, those are the things you should pack. Make sure you reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. 

You need to think about the toiletries and the cosmetics you will be packing. You should make use of eco-friendly reusable bottles. Make use of home-made soaps, toothpaste, and shampoos; they can be kept in reusable plastic containers. Do you love reading? Why not download e-books on your mobile device as this will reduce both your load and waste. 

Download E-Tickets

Many traveling agencies give cardboard or paper tickets, but for your trip, you will be going for something different. You should opt for an e-ticket that can be downloaded on your phone.  This is one way to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling.

Pack Reusable Water Bottles and Beverage Containers

You will need to drink water while traveling. So how best do you pack for a zero-waste eco-friendly trip? Sachet water should not come close to your thought. All you need is a reusable water bottle; you can always add more water to the bottle when you exhaust the one inside. 

You love coffee and tea; you can’t do without it while on the trip, so how should you prepare. The same theory applies, pack plastic bottles or thermos beverage bottles that can help preserve the temperature of your beverages.

Consider Your Food Options

Can you try vegan diets while traveling? Remember, veganism and vegetarianism are both excellent for our environment.  This will help reduce your impact by at least 20%. Depending on your destination, you can search the local restaurant books to know the sort of food that are available in the area and the ones you can choose. 

Don’t pack those paper bag foods, those junks in nylon, go all-natural, and leave no room for wastes of any kind. Don’t use straws. If you are offered plastic in a restaurant, don’t accept it, it is against your eco-friendly trip goals.

Its time to learn how much food you can consume. Food wastage is against your goal, so know your appetite before ordering for food. Make use of reusable jars while packing your food; this will even reduce the need for junks or packaged food while traveling.

Your Transport Options

What is the best way to reach your target destination? What transport option is best for you? You do well to think about this when preparing for an eco-friendly trip. Instead of taking your car, can you share a vehicle with other families traveling to reduce carbon footprint? Can you take public transport like trains or buses? If the distance is not that far, can you make use of a bicycle or trek? These will help your health and the environment.

Accommodation Is a Thing to Consider

When considering your accommodation option, you do well to pick hostels, hotels or accommodation that is eco-friendly. Make use of electricity when you need it only, if possible, disconnect the power where you lodge. Refrain from using plastics while lodging; this will help you save more energy and reduce waste overall.

Reject free handouts in your hotel and engage in only eco-friendly activities. While shopping, don’t take Souvenirs, and make use of a reusable shopping bag.

Menstrual Cup for Women

For women who need to have their monthly period, it is best to make use of menstrual cups during the trip. This will help reduce money wasted on tampons and reduce the space they would have taken in your luggage.

Reduce Your Travel

Instead of taking numerous weekend trips, flying from destination A to B, only to spend a few days and travel again, can you combine all in one trip? This will result in reducing the number of trips you take every year and still get the same quantity of fun you require.

Can you try staycation or visit locations around you instead of traveling to a far destination? If you reduce the number of trips you take every year, you can then reduce the amount of the carbon footprint you add to the environment. Yes! A zero-waste eco-friendly trip is achievable. 

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