An Engagement Ring Primer: Choose the Best Ethically-Sourced Diamond

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Few decisions cause more concern than the choice of a diamond engagement ring. Most people rarely shop for rings for someone else. Display cases full of glittering gems can overwhelm even the most confident shopper. The desire for the best ring and the best price is often set aside as people give up and buy whatever looks acceptable. It is an understandable reaction, but unnecessary. Diamond shopping is not as difficult as it seems. With many helpful references online, such as this resource page, you will be able to shop the perfect diamond engagement ring in no time.

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Think About Price

The cost of the ring should never exceed what the buyer can afford. Gorgeous diamonds exist that fit nearly any budget. The belief that people must sacrifice three month’s salary on an engagement ring is outdated. The average amount spent on an engagement ring in 2018 was about $5,600. However, no one should feel obligated to spend that much. Most wedding experts agree that stunning and meaningful jewelry exists at all price points.

Look for Clarity

Clarity is an important part of the grading process because it determines the quality of the diamond and its overall appearance. Shoppers that understand what clarity and grading means can understand what the jeweler offers, so they have more confidence in what they finally choose. Apps that show a reference image of the different grades can help consumers narrow down their preference.

Grading is a determination of the clarity of the diamond based on the inclusions and blemishes found in each gem. Inclusions are natural flaws that developed within the gem during its formation. A blemish is a flaw made as cuts and polishing to the diamond took place. Both types of flaws are normally imperceptible to the naked eye.

Decide on Cut

The cut of the diamond is the shape. Most people have a preference for the shape of the ring they prefer, and this can make the buying process easier. Shoppers that do not know the preference of the recipient or have a partner with no preference, should look for the cut that offers the most sparkle. In most instances, this means a round cut diamond.

The sparkle of the diamond occurs as light enters the gem and bounces off the interior of the facets. A finely cut round diamond has more facets available for light reflection than other shapes. Another option is to look for a stone that is not too shallow. It is tempting to choose a shallow cut ring, so the surface size is larger, but a shallow cut allows light to escape through the bottom without the reflection that allows the ring to shine.

Choose Metal Carefully

The metal of the setting and the band will affect the beauty of the diamond. Colorless diamonds look best with white metals like white gold or platinum. The hue of yellow gold can reflect on a diamond and make colorless stones seem dingy. However, yellow gold can help to bring out the natural shade more brilliantly in naturally yellow diamonds.

Colored diamonds continue to gain popularity, and metal can accentuate their beauty as well. Yellow gold looks flattering with brown or yellow colors. White metals look more flattering with pink and blue shades.

Shop Reliable Merchants

Be wary of private sellers when buying engagement rings. It is easy to falsify certifications of authenticity, and difficult to know where the diamonds originated. Buyers today usually prefer conflict free diamonds. Gems of this type come from companies that ethically source their products. The only proof people have of the provenance of the diamond is when it comes from a reputable dealer that has Kimberley Process certification.

The best diamond engagement ring is whatever ring makes people happy and reflects the personality of the person that will wear it. Shop for the person rather than for trends or to impress others. A thoughtfully chosen diamond will always impress the recipient, and that is all that matters.

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