Door Maintenance (Quick Guide)

door maintenance

Your home is a perfect base to rest and relax. However, having some quiet time can be disrupted by noises from your garage door. As much as you want to have a good night’s sleep, a malfunctioning garage door will make it elusive. You need to get in touch with a garage door repair Southlake company to diagnose the problem. Prevent your garage door from becoming a source of disturbance and annoyance by following these door maintenance practices:

Inspect nuts and bolts

Moving objects including some components of your garage doors will eventually loosen with constant use. As your garage door requires a considerable amount of force to open or shut it on a daily basis, some components will start to become loose in the long run. Vibrations, freezing, thawing, and changes in temperature can make matters worse. Pay attention to your garage door by getting in the habit of inspecting it regularly when cleaning or lubricating your garage door system. You can save time and money down the road with regular maintenance. 

Clean and apply lubricant

Lubricate all moving parts of your garage door so they function well. Be sure to clean the track, seal, springs, and rollers before you apply lubricant. Another reason your door can make a screeching sound is if there is a piece of rock or gravel stuck in the door track. You can avoid this by washing down your garage door so you can get rid of tar, mud, and other debris. 

When cleaning the door assembly, inspect the door track for cracks, warping, uneven tracks, or worn rollers. You will need to apply a copious amount of oil to a clean cloth for wiping down the dry parts of your garage door. Grease your chain mechanism if you have an older garage door system. Check your hinges and locks if they also need good oiling. 

Upgrade rollers

Rollers that are more than a decade old can get noisy, especially the ones made from metal. You need to consider an upgrade to lessen the friction that damages the assembly of your garage door. A new set of rollers enables your garage door to move quietly and smoothly. You will also need to check your rollers regularly, especially if you are situated in a community where road salt is used for melting snow and ice. Salt causes your garage door parts to deteriorate prematurely. 

Perform regular inspections

Prevention is always better than cure even in garage doors. Keeping your garage door system in check includes regularly inspecting moving parts and panels. While you may not have the luxury of time at your disposal to perform checks at any time of day, you should make it a point to schedule inspections. You have to get a good look at your garage door system so you spot problems like holes or cracks. Any sign of damage can affect the performance of your garage door. Cleaning and inspecting your garage door must be a monthly routine if you are living near salty ocean places. Items that are exposed to salt become susceptible to corrosion. 

Contact a garage door specialist 

While most of these practices can be performed on your own, you will still need to call a garage door repair specialist if you are unable to determine the source of problem. Incessant noise indicates a serious problem with your garage door. Unless you decide to call a garage door technician to fix the problem, the noise will continue to deprive you of a good night’s rest. A specialist is skilled and experienced to perform various steps in solving the problem and conduct regular door maintenance. 

Add weatherstripping

Your garage door needs protection from constant moisture. This is why installing weatherstripping is recommended as it plays an important role in protecting metal components. You can also prevent gravel and dust from getting into your springs or tracks when your garage door has insulation installed. Having dirty equipment can cost you a lot of money because of premature failure and wear. 

Strange noises from your garage door demand attention from a licensed and certified repair specialist. Family Christian Doors will make sure that your garage door system undergoes a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the problem. 

There you have it. Door maintenance guide and tips for you to prolong the life of your garage door.

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