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Greenhouse Gas Emission (The Effects)

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Greenhouse gas emission often takes place within our environments. There are a lot of greenhouse gases out there in our atmosphere. Most of them are very common to us; in fact we emit them on a daily basis without even knowing. An example is the common water vapor that rises to the atmosphere due to convectional heat from the sun and other mediums. And there’s also the carbon dioxide we exhale into the atmosphere every single second we are alive and also through human activities such as deforestation, but the main sources of these gases are mostly the fossil fuels, like the natural gas.

During the combustion of such fuels the emission of these gases takes place. These gases are emitted into the atmosphere and they surround the earth’s atmosphere. The more combustion, the more emission of these gases. They become so much in the atmosphere that it acts like a thick fog, surrounding the atmosphere. This makes it difficult for heat to leave the atmosphere and in the process most of the heat is re-emitted back to the ground causing global warming.

Global Warming

It occurs when carbon dioxide cO2 combined with other gases in the atmosphere absorb the light from the sun. These radiations are meant to leave the earth’s atmosphere but because of the pollutants these radiations become trapped and often can’t find a way out.

These radiations are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere for years, thousands of years if possible causing the earth to get even hotter giving us what we know as the greenhouse effect. Every scientists and every researcher out there knows that there are high consequences for these.

Climatic Conditions Caused by Global Warming

The effects on the environment are massive and could lead to major disasters if adequate measures aren’t taken. Global warming then leads to various climatic conditions like:

1.Torrential rainfalls these torrential rainfalls are so heavy that they cause massive flooding leading to loss of lives and destruction of Properties. It also leads to an increased sea level. The global warming heats up the sea, makes it too warm in the process that could eventually result to a category 3 storm. This is when Natural disasters like the Tsunami and the cyclones begin to take place.

2. Hurricane over the years the hurricane has become one of the most destructive forms of a natural disaster with so many occurrences in the western Pacific region. Countries like the Philippines located in this region have been hit over 20 times with hurricanes in the past years. Other areas are the eastern pacific, western pacific and the Indian Ocean.

The Hurricane otherwise known as a tropical cyclone is formed over warm ocean water. It travels with winds of 74mph (mile per hour) and is usually accompanied by rain and lightning.

Other Disasters Caused by Greenhouse Gas Emission

3. Tsunami These are gigantic tidal waves that occur underneath the ocean floor. It is mainly caused by earthquakes that occur underneath the ocean. The tsunami sends surges of water to an extreme height of 100ft or more onto land leaving total destruction in its wake. The last Tsunami occurred November last year in Indonesia with a death toll of over 1350 people.

4. Earthquake This is the violent shaking of the ground as a result of earth tremors or movements within the earth’s crust. Earthquakes are so disastrous that it could sink and entire city into the ground without leaving any trace. With one of the worst earthquakes in history being the Aleppo earthquake in 1138 and the Haiti Earthquake in 2010.  The Haiti earthquake is if not one of the most disastrous natural disasters to ever hit the earth with a death toll of over 230,000 people.

Changing Rate of Greenhouse Gas Emission

Currently human activities are now changing the rate of greenhouse gas emission, because there has been a rampant burning of fossil fuel, resulting in the increase of Co2 in the atmosphere. Increases in Agricultural activities have also made the effect of these gases grow.

Clearing of lands for both industrial and Agricultural uses has become a day to day activity in the current world. A strong effect which has already been mentioned above is the global warming; another effect is Increase in earth’s temperature.

Contributors to Earth’s Rising Temperatures

Every industry our modern civilization depends on now, ranging from the refineries, the pharmaceutical companies to the Agro industries has raised the increase of greenhouse gas emission to an alarming height in the last century. The carbon dioxide, methane, the nitrous oxides all these gases are the reasons the earth’s temperatures have spontaneously increased.

Some in the case of drought, which has been occurring in many places around the world, most intensively in Africa. Human Health is mostly exposed and affected through these changes of temperature and climatic conditions. Temperature changes have been partly responsible for most of the sicknesses affecting human health, the most common being Malaria, Fever and Diarrhea.

Importance of Knowing about Greenhouse Gas Emission

The greenhouse gas emission is the most serious issue facing the world today and serious preventive measures must be put in place to ensure a safer environment and a safer world for us to live in.

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