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Does solar power reduce greenhouse gases?

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For a while now, solar power has been known as one of the cleanest energy sources this planet has seen. It does not damage it or lessen as we use it, it’s practically infinite, which means using it will bring no disadvantage to us whatsoever. Ever wondered how exactly solar power helps us reduce the damage being caused to our planet? Solar power can be used to reduce greenhouse gases, and this is why.

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The earth gets pretty much all of its existing energy from the sun in the form of UV and infrared rays. Almost half of this energy is absorbed by the gases in our atmosphere and the rest of it is reflected back towards the sun. These gases absorbing the energy are known as greenhouse gases. The energy that they absorb is known as heat energy, and their main purpose is to keep the earth’s temperature balanced. 

Greenhouses are basically glass cases, which trap sunlight and help plants grow is cold atmospheres. This trapped light and heat energy helps the plants grow, and that’s exactly how greenhouse gases act in the earth’s atmosphere. You may consider the earth as a gigantic greenhouse, trapping heat inside.

Most Common Greenhouse Gases

Following are the most common greenhouse gases currently present in the earth’s atmosphere:

  1. Water Vapor (H2O)
  2. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  3. Methane (CH4)
  4. Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
  5. Ozone (O3)
  6. CFC (chlorofluoro carbons)

Nowadays, the number of appliances and energy powered products we use create a huge amount of greenhouse gases. If not controlled, the increased amount can heat the earth up to a dangerous temperature – this is what we call global warming.

Here is how solar power can help us keep the production of greenhouse gases in check.

Benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

If the solar energy absorbed by greenhouse gases to make the temperature warmer is instead used to generate power for us, we will be able to get a few advantages from it. 

  • The overall cost of energy would decrease in both households as well as big corporations. Solar power provides us an easily usable free source of energy which we can utilize through proper channel.
  • If solar panels on the earth can absorb some amount of the solar energy that is reflected back, the greenhouse gases will not have a chance to absorb it, resulting in them not being able to further warm the earth’s atmosphere. As a result,this would mean the temperature would remain in check and a lot of heat would be used to benefit us.
  • Greenhouse gases are in abundance due to energy consumption by appliances that run on fuel. If these appliances are to be given a natural power source, such as solar energy, the emission of gases would decrease and the excessive greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere would also decrease. To sum it up, this means less heat gets trapped in the earth’s atmosphere to heat it. 
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