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How To Keep Your Home Energy Efficient In Winter

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Energy inefficiency can be a massive way of costing yourself a huge amount of money as a home-owner and this is especially true during the winter months. But it’s not all bad news, there are certain things we can do to keep our homes energy efficient during the winter months.

Loft Insulation 

It can be surprising how many homes have insufficient loft insulation and this is one of the main causes of heat loss during cold spells. It may be that the insulation installed just wasn’t sufficient or it may be that your insulation needs replaced or updated, it could be really old or have suffered from water damage due to a leak.

Think About Renewables

Heating is expensive and with the increasing cost of fossil fuels then there is a good argument for switching either partially or fully to renewables. Having a series of solar panels installed on the roof is a fairly common occurrence these days and can be cost-effective over some time in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Properly Insulated Windows & Doors

Heat loss through older windows and doors can be a huge loss of heat and a burden on the cost of keeping the home warm each winter. You should have your home inspected and advised on the best doors and windows for keeping the heat in, a good and reputable company such as Brennan Enterprises will be able to advise and install the most suitable for you.

Have An Efficient Boiler

An old inefficient boiler can be a real problem when trying to be energy efficient. It is a sure way to waste money, especially if you have an older style standard boiler where it heats a tank, as unless the whole tank is used every time then you are wasting energy, a condenser or combi boiler would be much more efficient. We can even go a step further and consider a biomass boiler that burns off organic matter to create steam, turn a turbine and then create electricity to power a heating system.

Use Your Heating’s Timer Properly

Another way of making the best use of your central heating is to ensure that you are using your heating systems timer effectively. Make sure it is set to only be on when you are in the house. You can even get smart heating systems where you can control your heating system from anywhere via an app on your phone, which is useful if you have a changing schedule or even just forget to turn it off one time.

Don’t Heat The Whole Building If Not Needed

Another good piece of advice is not heating the whole building when there is no need to do so. Think about times when only one member of the family is at home, in these circumstances it wouldn’t make much sense to be warming the whole house. So think about using portable heaters or turning down the heaters in the rooms that are not in use temporarily.

Let’s make our homes energy efficient in winter!

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