4 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

healthy habits

Health is an overwhelming topic. There is so much information out there–so many do-s and don’t-s that it is easy to avoid the subject entirely due to the challenging nature of simply having to digest the various opinions about how best to live a healthy life. These healthy habits are the easy way out–simple, to-the-point ways that everyone agrees will lead to a healthier, better you. 

1. Don’t Multitask While Eating

It’s really easy to want to sit in front of the TV when eating dinner. It’s easy to want to catch up on that next Netflix series, to check your email, to scroll through your Instagram feed. The truth is this multitasking while consuming food leads to mindless eating. And mindless eating leads to overeating. By avoiding multitasking while you consume food, you are able to focus on the act of eating, and more importantly, practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the key to better health. Health begins and ends with being aware of one’s body and its connection to one’s mind. By tackling the issue of food, you are addressing what is most likely your greatest weakness (this is the most difficult part of any normal person’s health makeover). Another way of practicing mindful eating is to chew more. By focusing on the act of chewing you can’t focus on anything else. No matter what it takes, this small change can drastically improve your health, inside and out. 

2. Go to The Grocery Store with a Plan

Grocery store shopping can be a test for even the most disciplined eater. There is nothing but tempting foods lining the aisles. It’s easy to go with what you’re craving in the moment, or to buy what is simply on sale instead of buying what nourishes you and gets your body in the right place. Start making a list before you set out to your next grocery run. Make a plan for when you are going to go. By avoiding making a grocery run while you’re starving and have no real plan for your week, you are putting your eating and your body first. Keep an eye out for Green Promotional Products as they are often healthier for your body.

3. Drink More Water

One of the top healthy habits that has been neglected. It has been said a million times before, but I will say it again. Water is one of the top assists to losing weight and keeping your body balanced. Staying hydrated keeps your body chemistry in check. It allows hormones to work correctly, your brain to function, your organs to do exactly what they’re supposed to do. It is also a huge part of your immune system, which flushes out toxins and keeps your body clean. One of the best ways to ensure you’re drinking more water is to buy a reusable water bottle that is big, really big. You don’t need to be embarrassed to be carrying around a small well. You will be the one in the office who is setting the pace, keeping wide awake during those meetings and greeting the world with energy. 

4. Find a Health Practitioner Who You Trust

This doesn’t have to be traditional. You can go with a health provider who is recommended by an insurance provider or an alternative health practitioner. Either way, go with someone you trust, who you feel is there to encourage you to listen to your body. 

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There you have it? Don’t these healthy habits sound really simple? You may not feel the difference in your body in just a short while. Persistence and patience is the key.

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