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Be the Solution: 4 Rapidly-Growing Green Jobs

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Environmentally-responsible people are considering a plethora of ways to be responsible global citizens and stewards of our planet. Many common methods for going green and living sustainably involve modifying consumption habits and shopping with discernment, but there are other methods of giving back to the planet and ensuring a future we can all enjoy. Increasingly, new green jobs are emerging across a variety of industries that can help both individuals and businesses be more compliant with a sustainable future. I If you’re looking for a new career and want to maximize the impact you have on a healthy and green tomorrow, then consider the following four jobs as potential opportunities.

If you’re looking for a new career and want to maximize the impact you have on a healthy and green tomorrow, then consider the following four jobs as potential opportunities.

Lead Renovators & Refreshers

Part of ensuring a clean, sustainable and environmentally-friendly world isn’t just about what we do in the future. It’s also about correcting the mistakes of the past. After decades of toxic substances being used to build homes and buildings, professionals trained to inspect and remove these materials are now needed more than ever. 

EPA lead renovators and refreshers are in high demand. Qualifications required for anybody working on older homes with lead paint or materials. To perform this work, set courses and the occasional certificate renewal will be required, but working in this field can be quite profitable and helpful to the environment.

Photovoltaic Installers

As more and more people opt for cleaner forms of energy, the demand for those who can install these solutions continues to grow. Solar energy, in particular, is now enjoying record-high demand, thanks in large part to its financial viability throughout much of the US. Those who aren’t necessarily seeking a four-year degree program but who want to improve the environment in their day-to-day work should consider becoming photovoltaic installers, as solar installation jobs are growing rapidly and pay quite well.

Environmental Scientists

In many respects, how aware the general public is of our current environmental situation determines our overall future. This is why environmental science is such a crucial green career field. Environmental scientists are primarily responsible for calculating the effects of human activity on the environment and devising solutions. Growing by more than ten percent per year, environmental scientists are in high demand: while the job requires advanced education, the pay and benefits associated with this line of work are substantial.

Green Teachers & Trainers

Last but not least, the need for educating the next generation of green workers is now greater than ever. A plethora of teachers is needed in industries of all shapes and sizes, including environmental studies at universities. Trainers for the construction of new green building methods and forms of energy production are also in high demand, making this form of education a valuable career path to consider if saving the environment is your goal.

With more people than ever thinking about what they can do to save the planet, some are taking it one step further by pursuing careers in this broader field. Whether it be undoing the mistakes of the past or preparing for future ways of life, these green careers can help reshape the world one job at a time and provide workers with viable employment for decades to come.

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