The Best Green Broadband Choices In UK


Picking the best broadband provider for your home in the UK should be one of the easiest decisions to make, but it isn’t. This is because different broadband providers come with different speeds, contracts and bundles. Moreover, numerous providers provide almost the same deals, which makes the entire buying process confusing.

In this post, we endeavour to make it easier for you to choose the best broadband by reviewing the best broadband providers in the UK. Let’s look at broadband providers that make it to the top 5 Green broadband choices in UK. But you can also use a comparison site to find current deals for broadband with a phone line.

1. Virgin Media Broadband

If you want to have super-fast downloads and uploads, you don’t have to look farther than Virgin Media Broadband. It comes with a top speed of 362Mbits/sec, thus making it one of the popular broadband providers to top the Ofcom’s charts. To use it, however, you need to live in one of the areas serviced with fibre optic cable in addition to paying more for the speed. There is a cheaper option for those who want modest speed of 54Mbits/sec.

2. Plusnet

Plusnet is ideal for those who want reliability at a great price. You can choose the best package for your needs, ranging from 10Mbits/sec to 66Mbits/sec. It comes with an unlimited usage allowance and a 12 months contract length. With a reasonable price, it keeps everything simple. If you want a more stable, consistent speed and satisfaction, then Plusnet could be your ideal choice.

3. BT

If you are looking for broadband that comes with more extra features, the BT broadband is your best bet. You will get free weekend calls, cloud storage, access to a nationwide network of public Wi-Fi hotspots and double mobile data, especially if you choose the high-end options. You will also enjoy consistent speed and performance.

This network, however, doesn’t perform faster with fibre connections although it allows you to enjoy a wider range of options at a reasonable price. If you want extras, therefore, this is a service worth your consideration.

4. EE

The EE Broadband provider is ideal for those looking for a wide range of home broadband options with fibre optic choices and the usual ADSL. The network can also be improved by the Fibre Max services for people who reside in some select areas. The EE broadband will offer you a top download speed of 300Mbits/sec, which makes it one of the best in downloading speeds. The provider is best known not only for their competitive prices but also for their great customer service.

5. Sky

This is yet another broadband provider that offers great prices and attractive packages that will suit your needs. Although it features a range of products that is comparatively quite narrow, it delivers greater customer satisfaction ratings when compared to most of its competitors. As such, it is great for those who want top speeds with unlimited usage allowance.

When using the broadband, however, you have to keep up with the high prices once the 18 months contract elapses. But if you are looking for customer satisfaction and great speeds, then Sky broadband is worth considering.

Having the best broadband installed in your home will allow you to have a seamless browsing and downloading experience. After extensive research, we guarantee that any of these five broadband providers will serve you well.

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