Why Go Solar Now? The Best Reasons To Go Solar

Now that human beings are becoming more conscious of the environment, it is high time that the topic of solar power is further explored. Whether it is to save money that could be allocated to other things or for an attempt to make the planet better one panel at a time, any reason to consider going solar is valid. Solar panels also have lots of uses. Here are some reasons why you should go solar:

1. Bid Goodbye to Electric Bills

Did you know that an average person uses a little over 900-kilowatt hours every month (kWh)? According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) back in 2018, an annual residential bill of a typical household was 10,972 kWh, making the electricity consumption around 914 kWh monthly.

Although getting solar panels installed in your home may cost around $3/watt which will accumulate depending on your average monthly consumption, you are eliminating paying for electricity every month. Once the panels are installed and good to go, there is no electricity coming from a different company—just the sun.

2. A Step Closer to Cleaner Air

Solar panels can get you closer to a better quality of life. Electric companies are huge consumers of fossil fuels as it is needed to drive turbines to produce electricity. The main method to produce steam to make the turbines work is by burning coal or oil, which contributes a lot of air pollution, according to the World Nuclear Association. Having solar panels installed in your home can reduce air pollution because there would be no need to purchase electricity from another source.

3. Solar Panels Are Made to Last

Why go solar now? Investing in solar panels may cost you a lot at first, but most panels are sturdy and have a couple of years of warranty. Some solar panel companies’ warranty even cover repairs!

4. There is an Indirect Relationship Between Solar Panel Prices and Electricity Costs

As movements that are aimed to salvage what is left of the environment increases, so does the demand for solar panels. According to basic economic principles, if the supply of a service or a commodity is high, the price tends to be lower. However, when the supply is low, providers of goods and services need to make up for the cost, which is why the prices tend to be higher. This principle in economics applies to that of solar panels—more people want solar panels and the supply is there, which results in lower prices.

On the other hand, fossil fuel is slowly becoming more and more scarce while the demand for electricity is going up, which is why electric companies charge you more than you are actually consuming.

5. There is No Limiting Your Solar Energy Consumption

By installing solar panels in your home, there is no more worrying about how much electricity your household consumes. As long as the sun shines during the day and your panels are absorbing the sun’s rays, you and your family are good to go.

6. Strategically, Your Property Value Goes Up When You Have Solar Panels

Property value? Going up? Before you start losing your mind, you read that right: your property’s value in the market goes up significantly because you have solar panels. Arguably, a standard income earner’s electricity bill takes over 25% of their salary. Eliminating the electricity bill makes your property more profitable if you are to rent it out or to put it up for sale!

7. Solar Panels Solidify Your Commitment to a Sustainable Life

Global warming, icebergs melting, and animals going extinct can and should make you think about how you are living life. With all the environmental issues present, the more people want to lead a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle. Solar energy in your household might not be a big deal for you, but it makes a difference. In battling issues involving the environment, your household’s carbon footprint and contribution to different types of pollution are greatly reduced. There are even new studies on technology that uses solar panels to not only generate electricity, but also purify water simultaneously.

8. Incentives for Solar Panel Users

Some local governments give those with solar panels in their homes or businesses a reward to motivate other residents. Did we mention that tax exemptions are one of the incentives being offered?

There is a multitude of reasons to convince you to go solar and lead a more sustainable lifestyle but do you really need more convincing? Just think of the orangutans being robbed of homes and the money that you could be saving by having solar panels installed in your home—that should be enough for you.


In this day and age, going solar is always the way to go. Just find the best solar panels and start installing them in your home for you to start transitioning to a greener way to source your energy. It is also the best way for you to live a fully sustainable lifestyle despite the busy city life. Remember, it takes baby steps before we can all go towards a cleaner and greener environment.

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