Two Ways To Become An Ally Of The Environment

While it’s true that we all live and thrive on the same Earth, not many people are motivated to actually take some time to think about how their activities negatively affect the planet. After all, the environment is  always there, so it’s far too easy to take it for granted.

But snow caps are melting and mountains are getting denuded or leveled with each passing minute. Slowly but surely, this spells the doom of the planet. Hence, there really is a need to take action. In this article, we present two important ways that you can contribute to environmental conservation.

Drive a hybrid vehicle

Among the most potent contributors to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. Cars that run on gasoline are among the most active burners of such fuels. Logically, we will be able to cut back on fossil fuel use when are able to make cars run on another energy source.

Hybrid vehicles are now available on the market. They are called hybrid because they run both on gasoline and electricity. While gasoline use has not been fully eliminated, the fact that it’s been cut is already a big step in favor of the environment.

The efficiency of hybrid cars comes from their ability to switch from electricity to gasoline when the car is driving fast; gasoline use is said to be at its most efficient when the vehicle is going at higher speeds. Conversely, the vehicle runs on electric power when it has just been turned on or is running slowly.

Aside from engine efficiency, hybrid cars, since they are developed just recently, have features that are more advanced than their gasoline-powered counterparts. These features make driving less complicated. Because of this, it is important to take note here that the driver must never get complacent. Yes, the car has a lot of new tech that makes driving easier, but such a machine is still a lot more limited than their human faculties. They still should avoid being like the truck driver asleep at the wheel, which may lead to mishaps that endanger them and others around them.

Support movements to switch to renewable energy sources

As mentioned, the burning of fossil fuels is detrimental to the environment. But we need energy to support the kind of life that we all have grown accustomed to. Good thing that energy is not generated only through the burning of fossils. There are a lot of other energy sources that we can consider as cleaner and far more sustainable. The sun, for example, is an ever-available source. When properly processed, solar energy can support big buildings with very little impact on the environment. The heat from the earth itself, running water, and wind are other sources of  clean energy.

Many advocates are calling on their governments to support research on these alternative energy sources. Some see success while others face uphill battles. You can make their calls to action louder by joining their ranks or at least supporting them. Taking care of the environment is a commitment that requires a lot of effort to keep up. But if we are able to face the challenges hand in hand, the burden becomes a lot more bearable. Because of this, the call to action must be made louder, and the pro-environmental deeds be made much more concrete and accessible so that others can join easily.

Clay Miller
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